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Where Is Wendy Williams & Ex Husband Kevin Hunter? Wikipedia

Being the ex-husband of American broadcaster and writer Wendy Williams, netizens are curious to know the current personal details of Kevin Hunter, eventually prompting the search for his Wikipedia page.

Kevin Hunter is a talented and skilled person with various interests and achievements.

Like his ex-wife Wendy, Kevin also works in the entertainment industry but behind the camera.

He is an executive producer best known for The Wendy Williams Show and Queen of Media.

With this, people are curious about the personal life of Kevin Hunter, eventually searching for his Wikipedia.

Kevin Hunter Wikipedia: Age And Early Life

The Wikipedia for Kevin Hunter seems to be lacking despite his significant contributions to the entertainment industry. 

Because of this, the number of people searching for the Wikipedia page of Kevin Hunter is growing excessively.

Kevin Hunter was born on September 17, 1972, in Ontario, Canada, making him 51 years old in 2024.

Kevin Hunter with his now ex-wife in blue
Kevin Hunter loves tattoos. (Source: Yahoo)

There is little to say about Kevin Hunter’s early life since many details are still under the media radar.

But, it’s known that he began his career as an owner of a hair salon, and later, he also worked as a party promoter.

Further, Kevin succeeded in becoming Wendy’s manager before becoming husband and wife.

He spearheaded the formation of The Wendy Williams Productions in 2008, a TV reality company responsible for unveiling celebrities’ lifestyles. 

Now, he is working as a show’s executive producer, proving his representational power in design.

Though he has an association with the company, he no longer serves as an executive producer on The Wendy Williams Show

Besides TV, Kevin has multiple sides, which involve different business endeavours.

Similarly, Kevin has a publishing company in New Jersey called Hunter Publishing Group.

Kevin Hunter in shorts
Kevin Hunter is a manager at ILM and an author of “INDUSTRIAL LIGHT AND MAGIC. (Source: TheUSSun)

Kevin has also opened up his barbershop in Boca Raton, Florida, referred to as Head Hunters.

Despite various controversies and negative publicity surrounding Kevin, the individual has maintained focus within his career.

Nonetheless, Kevin is fond of projects created for television and has worked on multiple TV projects already.

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Details On Kevin Hunter’s Relation And Controversies With Wendy Williams 

Many problems marked the relationship between Kevin Hunter and television personality Wendy Williams.

Further, the main reason for this is primarily due to Kevin’s lack of trust and loyalty.

They were married for almost 22 years and had been together for more than 25 years before the divorce took place in 2019.

Kevin’s infidelity became a significant problem for the marriage as Wendy Williams openly talked about it multiple times in the media.

Kevin Hunter with his ex wife
Kevin Hunter is of mixed ethnicity, specifically of African descent. (Source: NBCNews)

Wendy first revealed the cheating in 2001, shortly after the birth of their son, Kevin Jr.

She also said that if her younger self knew that she would stay with someone who cheated on her, she would have considered it a lie.

On the other hand, Wendy argued that fighting the odds strengthened their marriage.

However, later, there was a revelation that Kevin was having a decade-long affair with Sharina Hudson, a massage therapist, and Wendy Williams fervently refuted these allegations during her show.  

Further, in 2008, there were allegations of sexual harassment by the right-hand woman in the studio where Kevin threatened and abused Wendy physically.

The lawsuit was later dismissed, and despite all the scandals, Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter remained a couple for quite a long time.

Nonetheless, reports show that Kevin has helped Wendy and their son through different hurdles, indicating a rather intricate yet long-lasting relationship.

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Where Is Wendy Williams Now?

Wendy Williams has relocated from New York to Florida due to health issues and her drive towards being near her family.

Furthermore, Wendy lives with her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., which significantly changing her life.

As per several close sources, Wendy has been struggling with Graves’ disease, lymphedema, and dementia, which probably keeps her away from the limelight.

Wendy Williams in white dress
Wendy Williams has more than 120k followers on Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

Her last time in the limelight was back in February 2023. And there haven’t been any posts on her Instagram page since September 2022.

However, the news that Wendy’s been doing well with her health recently surfaced. And probably, she will soon be better and come up front, let’s hope.

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