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NY Convicted Shooter Kevin Monahan Family: Wife Jinx

Kevin Monahan case is getting a lot of limelight and so is his family & wife Jinx, who is one and only witness in the Kaylin murder case. So, let’s get into the details.

Kevin Monahan is the man behind the death of a 20-year-old young female Kaylin Gillis.

He is convicted of second-degree murder reckless endangerment and tampering in the fatal shooting.

This sad incident took place in the April of 2023 in Hebron New York.

Kaylin was in a car with her friends, and they were searching for a party location, they mistakenly entered Givens driveway.

Not only Kaylin’s car but there was other two vehicles that went to Kevin’s driveway.

Kevin felt threatened and he used his shotgun which sadly resulted in the death of Kaylin.

He says that the shot that killed killing was accidental.

The case has been going around for a while and few details are raising curiosity about the role of Kevin Monahan’s family and wife Jinx Monahan in this case.

Kevin Monahan Family: Wife Jinx Monahan Gets the Label of A ‘Hostile Witness’ in The Trial

Jinx Monahan as the part of Kevin Monahan’s family has been on the back of the witness stand for a couple of times.

Her role as the prime witness is to tell everything as it is and help the case move forward.

Kevin Monahan
Kevin Monahan’s case has once again shed light to the gun laws in USA. (Source: Twitter)

She is supposed to help the prosecution and not be biased on her answers to support her husband.

However, her behavior and the way she is answering questions is making everyone believe that she is more on the side of Kevin’s defense team.

This has led the judge and the district attorney of this case to treat her as a ‘hostile witness.’

Her answers to the questions made by assistant district attorney Christain Morris were not clear.

Jinx mostly said she did not recall or whenever she said something else it was with very less confidence.

Kevin Monahan wife jinx
Kevin Monahan and his wife Jinx live alone in the New York home. (Source: Twitter)

It is a normal practice for the witness to not meet both the prosecution and the defense team.

But turns out Jinx had talked to Kevin’s defense team before but did not do that with the prosecution team.

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Jinx Monahan’s Testimony Raises Questions of Influence as Defense Builds Self-Defense Narrative

This information has made everyone believe that the defense team may have influenced her into saying something.

Her main story is that when the shots were fired, she was hiding in a closet.

She did not see what was happening in the driveway. She just recalls hearing two gunshots.

There is a big chance Jinx is doing all this as she wants to protect the main man of her family, Kevin Monahan.

NY Convicted Shooter Kevin Monahan
Kevin Monahan was visibly on stress during the trail. (Source: Twitter)

What stands out in her statements is that her recalling how afraid she was when the vehicles made its way to their driveway.

This has given a chance for the defense team to portray that the Kevin Monahan family were genuinely in panic mode.

They are trying to prove that the shot was for self-defense and nothing else.

As the case continues to proceed, Kevin Monahan’s wife Jinx Monahan continues to play a big part on it.

She has not been a part of any media interview or have given any statements by herself as of yet.

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