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Kid Rock Tattoos: How Many Does He Have? Meaning & Design

Kid Rock tattoos are one of the most known tattoos in showbiz. However, he has other personal tattoos as well. Let’s check them out!

Kid Rock is a popular musician with multiple facets of being a singer, rapper as well as a guitarist.

However, initially, Kid started his career as a DJ cum rapper. Later, in 1992, he signed with the record label Continuum, and from there on, his musical career took off.

He primarily specializes in the genre of rock and country, and his claim to fame came through his blend of rap with metal and country rock.

Now, at age 52, Kid is still active in the music industry and is respected heavily.

His recent album, Bad Reputation, released in 2022, was received well.

Meanwhile, Kid Rock was born with the name Robert James Ritchie. Later, given his musical preference being the rock genre, he changed his name to appeal to his audiences.

Now, apart from his music, fans are also fascinated to know how many tattoos Kid Rock has and the meaning behind them.

Kid Rock Tattoos: How Many Does He Have? Meaning & Design

Kid Rock is known for having multiple tattoos inked on him. Some of the tattoos, though, are of significant personal relevance as well.

One of the most prominent tattoos is the word Paul, that he has inked on his upper left arm.

Kid Rock tattoo visible in a shirtless picture
Kid Rock held three separate wedding ceremonies with Pamela Anderson. (Source: Instagram)

The significance of this tattoo is rather personal to the country singer. This is a tribute to his late cousin, with whom he was very close.

This goes to show that Kid Rock keeps his family first, as he has dedicated a tattoo in honor of one of his cousins.

Furthermore, Kid Rock’s tendency to perform with a tank top on meant this tattoo was very publicly visible.

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Is Kid Rock An American Bad Ass?

The most significant and popular tattoo that Kid Rock has inked is on his upper back.

The tattoo has an eagle flying between two banners which are American and Bad Ass.

Many have said this as being rooted in the redneck biking culture. Wherein the country’s people hold a strong patriotic nature.

Kid Rock showing off his back tattoo
Kid Rock allegedly starred in an adult film by accident. (Source: Instagram)

Further, the fact that the bald Eagle is the national bird of the United States only cements that patriotic theme even more.

The tattoo is much talked about for potentially being a form of old-school tattooing.

This is mainly because of the use of the lack of shading and the presence of black or dark blue ink.

Other than this, Kid Rock also has one tattoo on the lower half of both of his arms. Both of these tattoos are lettering tattoos.

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Does He Have A Continuity to Personal Tattoos?

In continuation to showing how Kid Rock values the people around him, he has a tattoo reading Joe. This tattoo is on one of Kid Rock’s arms.

This is in honor of Joseph Calleja, also popular as Joe C. Joe, who was a band member of Kid Rock, unfortunately died back in 2000.

Joe was famous for being a hype man for Kid Rock himself.

Due to this, it is understandable that Kid Rock and Joe shared a very personal relationship.

Kid Rock posing for a picture with George Clooney
In 2017, Kid Rock hinted at a potential run for the US Senate. (Source: Instagram)

Joe unfortunately had Celiac disease since his childhood. This limited his height growth, and he had to undergo dialysis every day.

The two initially met in 1994 at one of Kid Rock’s concerts. Kid Rock took a liking to him, and soon, the two began touring together.

Joe passed away in his sleep in November 2000 in his parents’ home. This death was due to complications of Celiac disease.

Later, Kid Rock not only dedicated a tattoo to Joe but even dedicated his 2001 album Cocky in honor of Joe.

Going by the tattoos that Kid Rock has, it is evident that personal relationships are of extreme significance to him. This only has enhanced the love his fans have for him.

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