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Bum Is Dead?! Killing Stalking Chapter 68 Spoilers, Leaks

The psychological manhwa, Killing Stalking, has received praise for its unique story and pacing as fans still hope to get chapter 68 of the story and look for its spoilers and leaks. Find more details further down in the article!

Written and illustrated by Koogi, Killing Stalking is a South Korean manhwa that follows the story of a mentally ill man, Bum.

Lezhin Comics published the series, which had an original run from 2016 to 2019 with 8 volumes.

Further, the plot presents Bum, who becomes obsessed with Oh Sangwoo, a peer from his time in the military.

After Sangwoo saves him from sexual abuse, Bum decides to enter his colleague’s house only to find out a dark secret.

It is revealed that Sangwoo is a serial killer with women tied down and beaten up in his basement.

As Bum tries to save one of them, he is stuck in a highly abusive and manipulative relationship with the killer.

Even after its finale, readers anticipate chapter 68 of Killing Stalking and hope to find its spoilers and leaks.

Obsession Of Bum: The Final Moments In Killing Stalking 67 Recap

Nearing the end of the series, the plot reaches new heights as a police officer saves Bum from Sangwoo’s burning home.

Further, the killer sustains life-threatening burns, placing him in a private suite in the hospital.

Meanwhile, with the assistance of the authorities, Bum prepares to lead a normal life.

Sangwoo from Killing Stalking
Sangwoo breaks Bum’s legs to prevent him from escaping. (Source: Twitter)

However, he is desperate to see Sangwoo one last time and decides to hunt down his hospital location.

Bum runs from his room without informing the police officer and gets lost in the new city.

Furthermore, he tries hard to find the killer but encounters mistreatment from people he meets along the way.

In one of the panels, Bum crosses paths with a woman who insists on helping the young man.

Later, the police officer confronts Bum, explaining that the public is closely monitoring his actions.

After a hurtful conversation, Bum eventually tracks down the hospital but can no longer remember what Sangwoo looked like.

Instead of being escorted to the killer’s bed, the medical staff in the hospital basement takes him to Sangwoo’s ashes.Bum from Killing Stalking in a bathtub

Bum begins to forget Sangwoo’s face as his memories fade. (Source: Instagram)According to patients in the nearby beds, he had been repeatedly calling Bum’s name during his final moments.

Now, Bum takes the ashes to the ruins of the house and ponders over his memories with Sangwoon.

Soon, he begins to hallucinate his lost love and starts following someone who looks like Sangwoo.

Readers see Bum scrambling across a busy road to pursue the killer in the final moments.

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Bum Is Dead?! Killing Stalking Chapter 68 Spoilers, Leaks

With a cliffhanger ending, many speculated about the possibilities and spoilers for chapter 68 of Killing Stalking.

As Bum rushes to find his lover, the road crossing signal turns red, implicating his demise.

However, the author has not presented a clear answer to ensure the death of Bum in Killing Stalking.

Killing Stalking Bum and Sangwoo
Sangwoo’s appearance often deceives people. (Source: Twitter)

Looking back, Sangwoo conducts several abductions and murders in his basement and traps Bum as his accomplice.

Moreover, Sangwoo considers his partner to be the living image of his mother and accidentally refers to him as “mom” during intimate moments.

This proved the extent of the individual’s mental being and desperation of toxic parental relationships.

Similarly, Killing Stalking showcased the frightening realities of an obsessive mindset, which led to the character’s downfall.

Soon after the final chapter of the manhwa, readers wanted chapter 68 to have a satisfying ending to Killing Stalking.

However, the author has left the ending with an open interpretation of Bum’s whereabouts.

Sangwoo comforting Bum
Bum tries to live a normal life after escaping Sangwoo. (Source: Instagram)

Regardless, it is certain that his weakness and troubled past have doomed him to the extent of irreparable damage.

On the other hand, readers created their version for chapter 68 of Killing Stalking and circulated it as the spoilers of the plot.

While they eagerly wait for the release of side stories of the manhwa, the author doesn’t intend to release new content.

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