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Kim Burrell Viral Video: Churchgoers Shut Up Controversy, Backlash

In the recent turn of events, a video of singer Kim Burrell silencing a woman interrupting her solo performance at church has gone viral, igniting numerous controversies online. So let’s explore.

Born on August 26, 1972, Kimberly “Kim” Burrell is an American gospel singer and songwriter.

She is widely recognized for her powerful vocals and contribution to the gospel music genre.

Meanwhile, Kim’s impact on the gospel music scene has earned her prestigious awards including the Grammy Award and Stellar Awards.

Apart from gospels, Kim is also the founder of The Love & Liberty Fellowship Pentecostal Overcoming Holy Church.

Currently, she serves as the Senior Eldress/Overseer-Bishop at the same church she founded.

However, with the circulation of a video where Kim Burrell is seen quieting a woman during her performance has gone viral on different social media platforms.

As the viewership of the video continues to increase, it has turned out as a topic of interest for people worldwide.

Kim Burrell Viral Video: Churchgoers Shut Up Controversy

With the increasing use of social media, famous people often find themselves entangled in different controversies.

Similarly, in recent times, the singer Kim Burrell has been the major victim of those, following a viral video.

Kim Burrell captured wearing a black and white dress.
Kim Burrell was recently caught in a controversy regarding her action in the church. (Source: Twitter)

The controversial video first started circulating online shortly after the end of Kim’s church service.

It initially surfaced on Twitter and further made its way to other social media platforms.

According to the viewers, the video showcased an incident involving Kim trying to shut a woman singing along with her at the church.

Meanwhile, as it reached broader audiences, reactions, and discussions about the incident began to emerge.

This further led to different debates among the viewers regarding Kim Burrell’s actions during the church service.

Moreover, the video of Kim Burrell went on to become viral on different social media platforms gaining numerous views within a few hours of its release.

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Kim’s Reaction On The Video And Backlash

As people continued to backlash Kim Burrell regarding her actions seen in the viral video, on January 24th she decided to address the viewers.

She took it to her TikTok and explained that the solo was part of the ministry.

Kim Burrell captured along with a women and a man.
Kim Burrell doesn’t seem to regret her action but did address the public. (Source: Twitter)

Kim said, “I’m in the middle of ministry, and you know how you close out a sermon.”

She further added, “Sometimes when I operate publicly, everybody doesn’t understand the dispensation of what I’m operating in, they just see me as Kim the singer that’s not being ‘the singer’, who is not always the singer. I’m the preacher, I’m the person with the gift of prophetic.”

Further, she also cleared up what she meant when she commented on the women’s face mask.

However, she didn’t apologize for her actions but rather explained the reason behind explaining her part.

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Details On Kim Burrell’s Past Controversies

Throughout her career, Kim Burrell has been a part of different controversies.

And one of the major controversies she previously faced was due to comments during her sermons.

Kim captured holding a bottle.
Kim Burrell has found herself in different controversy in past. (Source: Twitter)

In 2017, she made an anti-gay comment during the sermon, which sparked widespread backlash and criticism.

Meanwhile, this action of hers resulted in the cancellation of her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Further, the incident also created tensions between religious beliefs and LGBTQ+ rights.

Although after facing criticism for her comment, Kim did issue an apology through an Instagram post.

Moreover, she eventually deleted the written apology and released a video on Instagram expressing regret for her actions.

Nevertheless, her past actions combined with her current ones, have turned out as a major controversial issue all over the internet.

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