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Kyle Rittenhouse: What Did He Do & Where Is He Now?

What started as a shooting case turned into a great deal of discussion amongst the various media and organizations. What did Kyle Rittenhouse do to cause the discussion? Let’s explore.

Kyle Howard Rittenhouse was born in the year 2003 on January 3rd.

He was on trial in November of 2021 for shooting three people during a Black Lives Matter protest.

Moreover, two of the people who he shot died, and one was injured. In the trial, he testified that the shooting took place as an act of self-defense.

The trial was very famous all across America, and the people were divided about their viewpoints on the case.

After a recent post of Kyle Rittenhouse on his Twitter account, the whole case has once again come to light.

Some are confused about who Kyle Rittenhouse is and what did he do to get such media attention.

From Graffiti Cleanup To Lethal Encounter: What Did Kyle Rittenhouse Do?

The incident that completely changed Kyle’s life took place in 2021 during a civil unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August 2020.

Right before he shot three people with his AR-15-style rifle, he had given an interview.

In the interview, Kyle says he was there to protect the local businesses affected by the protest.

Moreover, he was just seventeen at the time, and his holding the rifle was illegal as per the law of Wisconsin.

Kyle Rittenhouse with gun.
Kyle Rittenhouse was not eligible to hold the rifle at his age during the time of the incident. (Source: Twitter)

In another photograph before the incident, Kyle appears to be cleaning graffiti from the walls of a local high school.

After a while, a man chased Kyle into a parking lot, and he was throwing something at him.

Many people say that the object the man was throwing appears to be a shopping bag, but it is unclear.

According to the reports, the man then went on to grab the barrel of his rifle.

That led to Kyle shooting him, and the man was later dead.

What did Kyle Rittenhouse do?
Kyle Rittenhouse’s case was very controversial and still is to this day. (Source Twitter)

After shooting the first man, while he was trying to run away from the situation, many other people got behind him.

Kyle then shot the second guy, who allegedly struck him with a skateboard and made an attempt to grab his rifle.

Then comes the third person who was allegedly pointing a Glock at Kyle. Kyle shot the third person and left him wounded.

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Media Frenzy: Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Grips The Nation

When it went to trial, the Kyle Rittenhouse case became a big deal amongst the US media and political groups.

Everyone was waiting for the updates on the Kyle Rittenhouse case, while many people were still confused about what he did.

The prosecutors of the case were arguing that he had made provocations and appeared to be an active shooter.

Kyle Rittenhouse training
Kyle is very active on Twitter, updating his followers about his life. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, the defenses had a say that Kyle Rittenhouse had to do what he did to protect himself.

He had two counts of homicide, one count of attempted homicide, and two counts of reckless endangerment charges.

The court gave Kyle a non-guilty verdict on all of the charges, and the reactions from the public were divided into two.

A media outlet made a poll for the Republicans and Democrats about their perception of the case.

Two-thirds of Republicans thought Rittenhouse was not guilty, while three-quarters of Democrats thought otherwise.

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