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Why is Larray Brother Jayden Getting All The Hype in Tiktok?

Tiktoker Larray has a huge fan base, and they love his amazing content. Recently, Jayden, younger brother of Larray is also making waves on Tiktok. Let’s explore.

Larray or Larray Merritt was born on July 22, 1998. He is a famous TikToker.

Larray’s journey as a social media influencer began with the short video-making app TikTok.

After gaining massive support from his fans worldwide, Larray has now also created his own YouTube channel.

He was already famous by himself but got even more popular after he became part of the famous Hype House.

Recently, a few posts made by Larray have received a lot of views.

In those videos, Larray can be seen introducing his brother and interacting with him.

Heartwarming Bond Of Tiktoker Larray with Younger Brother Jayden

We all know that when it comes to the personal lives of celebrities, they often like to keep most of it private.

Certain websites on the internet suggest that Larray comes from a large family.

Larray and brother
Fans say that Larray and brother Jayden have such different personalities. (Source: Instagram)

He apparently has thirteen siblings in total. Most of his thirteen siblings are from his father’s side.

Larray has not disclosed the identity of all his thirteen siblings, as some of them are still very young.

However, one of his younger brothers has won the hearts of many after his appearance in Larray’s TikTok.

The younger brother is Jayden, and he appears to have a very close bond with Larray.

The first video, where Larray’s brother Jayden makes his appearance, shows the two brothers dancing to a beat.

In the video’s caption, Larray writes, “POV, Y’all when you found out I have a baby brother,” suggesting that his fans could have been surprised by the post.

Larray also clarifies that his brother Jayden is just 17 years old.

Jayden Larray brother
Fans say that Larray looks like he could be a model. (Source: Instagram)

Despite his love for his fans and followers, Larray seems to be trying to warn them to be careful this time.

It is because even though Jayden is just one year closer to being a legal adult, he is still just a minor.

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Larray’s Fans Demand More Videos With Brother Jayden: Reason Behind His Hype In Tiktok

Fans love that their favorite TikToker, Larray, is being so protective of his brother Jayden.

The comments say that Larray seems like someone who will never hurt anyone or try to be rude.

However, when it comes to his family, he is heartwarmingly protective of them.

After the first post of Jayden on TikTok, many of his fans were in awe of how good-looking he was.

Larray and Jayden
Larray and Jayden can be the next big sibling duo on the internet. (Source: Instagram)

Young fans of Larray started asking him to post more of his brother Jayden.

Fans were also quick to find out Jayden’s Instagram handle, which is @jadorejadoreyou.

Some praised his hair, while others were impressed with his dance moves.

In high demand from his fans, Larray then again posted his brother once more.

This time, Jayden was reviewing Larray’s perfumes. He loved one, calling it iconic, and hated the other.

It appears that the hype for Larray’s brother Jayden, which comes from his captivating personality and great looks, will be making waves for a while.

Seeing the demand of him on Tiktok, it is safe to say he may follow the path of his brother Larray and become an influencer himself.

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