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Is Lauren Boebert Sick? Weight Loss And Illness of The US Rep

Lately, there has been a lot of speculation about Lauren Boebert being sick after her noticeable weight loss, which sparked worries about her health among numerous web surfers.

Lauren Opal Boebert is an American politician, businesswoman, and gun rights activist.

As the U.S. representative for Colorado’s 3rd congressional district since 2021, she has actively contributed to legislative matters.

Her political journey began after surprisingly defeating incumbent Scott Tipton in the 2020 Colorado House primary elections.

Subsequently, she secured victory in the general election over Democratic nominee Diane Mitsch Bush, a former state representative.

Besides being a politician, she is also an experienced businesswoman who owned Shooters Grill from 2013 to 2022.

With this, Boebert has made a name for herself as a versatile figure, engaging in politics and business.

Recently, reports have been coming out relating to her health, making people wonder if Lauren Boebert is sick.

Is The U.S. Rep Lauren Boebert Sick? Weight Loss And Illness

Recently, there have been several rumors surrounding the health concern of Lauren Boebert as if she is sick. So, what’s the truth?

Well, to this date, there’s no authentic information suggesting Lauren Boebert is sick or facing specific health challenges.

On the contrary, she appears healthy and actively involved in her political career and public activities.

Recently, Boebert announced candidacy for the U.S. representative for Colorado’s 4th congressional district.

Lauren Boebert standing in front of the Capitol building.
Lauren Boebert is known for her advocacy for gun rights. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, she actively shares updates and perspectives on social media, connecting personally with the public.

While ongoing discussions about her weight loss persist, it is speculated that she might be actively engaged in a dieting regimen.

As of recent media coverage, there’s no indication that Lauren Boebert is facing severe health issues or is sick.

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Early Life Of Lauren Boebert 

Lauren Boebert was born in Altamonte Springs, Florida, on December 19, 1986.

Similarly, she spent most of her early childhood in her hometown alongside her family. 

At 12, her family shifted to various Colorado locations, ultimately settling in Rifle in 2003.

Lauren Boebert pictured with her mom
Lauren Boebert’s family once depended on welfare (Source: Instagram)

Several years later, Boebert openly shared her family’s reliance on welfare and mentioned growing up in a Democratic household in a liberal community.

Her family, especially her mom, Shawn Bentz, was involved in politics.

Records from the Colorado Secretary of State’s office indicate that Boebert’s mother, Shawn, was a registered Republican from 2001 to 2013.

Lauren pictured with a snow in the background
Lauren Boebert is a former businesswoman. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, from 2015 to 2020, her mother actively identified as a Democrat, reflecting her political alignment.

Following her mom’s footsteps, Boebert registered to vote in 2006 as a Democrat when she was 19.

Later, in 2008, the former businesswoman changed her alliance to Republican.

Now, she is one of the prominent members of the Republican party and is primarily identified for her gun rights advocacy. 

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Lauren Boebert Husband & Children 

According to her book My American Life, Lauren Boebert entered matrimony with Jayson Boebert in 2006.

The couple first met while Boebert was an employee at Burger King in Rifle, and they eventually tied the knot, marking the beginning of their marital journey.

Lauren's entire family posing for a picture
Lauren is a mother of four. (Source: Facebook)

After her marriage, Boebert got a job filing for a natural gas drilling company and became a pipeliner.

Likewise, her husband, Jayson, also made significant contributions as a consultant within the dynamic realms of the gas and oil industries.

Furthermore, Jayson also held a prominent role as a consultant for Terra Energy Productions.

Besides these achievements, the two also extended their family by welcoming their four sons —Tyler, Brody, Kaydon, and Roman. One of their sons is already a father now.

But despite this, Lauren Boebert recently filed for divorce from her husband, ending a marriage that had lasted for 17 years.

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