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Lauren Mccluskey Wikipedia: Documentary Of Murder At Utah University

Lauren McCluskey was a student and athlete at the University of Utah, she was murdered by her ex-boyfriend on October 22nd, 2018. The upcoming documentary about Lauren McCluskey on ESPN has once again raised curiosity about her Wikipedia.

Lauren McCluskey was born in the year 1997 and was just 21 years old when she was murdered by Melvin Rowland.

Before joining the University of Utah, she was a student at Pullman High School.

She was extremely good at the high jump and also a really good student with a 3.75 grade point average.

Lauren would have graduated in May of 2019 if she had not been a victim of such a heinous crime.

The Wikipedia of senior track star Lauren McCluskey is still trending after five years of her death.

Champion Beyond the Track: The Inspiring Legacy and Wikipedia of Lauren McCluskey

Lauren McCluskey was famous in her college for being an athlete with a record of 100m hurdles in the high jump.

She was a competitor in the Junior Olympics and had many records in her childhood as well.

Lauren Mccluskey Wikipedia
Lauren Mccluskey Wikipedia is a very sad tale of a young girl who did not deserve to die so tragically. (Source: Twitter)

Her talent was evident, and everyone around her knew, which is why her family strongly supported her in sports.

At the young age of 9, she qualified for the national high jump.

Lauren was able to be among the top 8 in the field, in an All-American 4 times.

She also broke many youth records in the USATF association.

Among her many records in USATF, 12 of her records are still unbroken, along with her junior under-20 association record for the heptathlon.

Apart from sports, she was also really good at studies; she chose to study communication at her college.

Lauren was doing an internship in communication at a company called Courtland Place Senior Home.

Currently, the reason why the Wikipedia of Lauren McCluskey is trending so much is because of an upcoming documentary.

The documentary is going to be aired on ESPN with the name Lauren McCluskey Documentary.

Lauren Mccluskey Wiki
Lauren Mccluskey would have made a great career in sports for herself. (Source: Twitter)

It is going to be 90 minutes with all the details about what actually happened on the day of her murder and how the Police Department dealt with it later.

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The Heartbreaking Details of Lauren McCluskey’s Final Moments with Melvin Rowland

So get into the most heartbreaking details in the Wikipedia of Lauren McCluskey.

Lauren was dating a guy named Melvin Rowland at the time of her death.

Her mother recalls Lauren telling her about how Melvin told so many lies to her.

The most shocking of the lies was the multiple sexual complaints against him which he repeatedly denied.

On October 22nd, the Police Department found the body of Lauren near a university resident hall in the back seat of a car.

Lauren Mccluskey memorial
The University of Utah gave a great memorial for Lauren. (Source: Twitter)

Melvin took Lauren to the parking lot and forcefully pushed her into the back seat of the car.

There he eventually killed her after shooting her many times.

After killing Lauren, Melvin went inside a church and committed suicide by shooting himself.

After the incident, many things came to light. Jill, the mother of Lauren, was apparently on a call with her when Melvin shot her daughter.

She did not think that Melvin had killed her; initially, she assumed that Lauren got into a car accident because of her constantly repeating “No, no, no.”

It was only a week before the murder that Lauren had gone to the Police Department to file a complaint against Melvin for harassment.

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