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Lisa Vanderpump Before And After Facelift: Did She Do Surgery?

After watching Vanderpump Rules, many viewers speculate that Lisa Vanderpump did a facelift, as her before and after pictures show no sign of aging.

Lisa Vanderpump, a famous Hollywood TV personality, was born in London, England, on September 15, 1960.

Moreover, besides being a renowned TV personality, Lisa is a successful actress and businesswoman.

Moreover, Lisa has been featured in shows like Overserved with Lisa Vanderpump and Vanderpump Dogs.

Besides her acting career, Lisa has ventured into the restaurant and business industry alongside her husband, Ken Todd.

However, recently, after watching her in the Vanderpump Rules, many of her fans started thinking she had done a facelift as she looks younger than her before pictures.

Did Lisa Vanderpump Lift Face? Before And After Look

In recent years, there has been speculation that Lisa Vanderpump may have undergone plastic surgery, including a possible facelift.

These rumors gained attraction after noticeable changes on her face, such as a tightened jawline and smooth skin.

This made people assume she had undergone facelift surgery to look younger like every other actress.

However, Lisa Vanderpump completely denies the rumor of doing a facelift.

Lisa Vanderpump in black
She also has a love for horses and is a skilled equestrian. (Source: Instagram)

Lisa, the star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has been open about her beauty routines.

Further, she stated that she hadn’t had any lift face surgery, manifesting the lack of scars as evidence.

Instead, she admitted to utilizing minimally invasive treatments such as Botox and fillers,

Moreover, she was infrequently administered by her preferred plastic surgeon, Dr. Simon Ourian.

Lisa, aged 58, pointed out that her young look is credited to Dr. Ourian’s skills, who also serves celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

Moreover, she unveiled her loyalty towards Dr. Ourian for Botox and fillers and his best skincare practices.

However, she mentioned getting laser treatments for her skin to look good in front of the television.

Lisa Vanderpump take selfie with open hair.
Lisa is an advocate for mental health awareness. (Source: Instagram)

She was aware of the evolution of plastic surgery and did not exclude facelifts.

She advises friends for cosmetic procedures if this makes a person happier, noting that Dr. Ourian’s services are highly effective.

Nonetheless, Lisa preferred non-permanent and less invasive means to remain confident and improve her appearance.

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Details On Lisa Vanderpump’s EarlyLife Career

Lisa Vanderpump is an entrepreneur, businesswoman, designer, reality star, author, actress and humanitarian.

She was the younger of two children to parents John and Jean Vanderpump, with her brother being a DJ and entrepreneur.

At the age of 3, Lisa began her journey into the arts with a series of ballet lessons and attended Corona Academy drama school.

At 19, she became financially independent and even owned a flat in Fulham in West London.

Further, she debuted in the film industry at 13, starring in the romantic comedy A Touch of Class, which was released in 1973.

Lisa Vanderpump on black and pink outfit.
Lisa is also a philanthropist who often provides funds to various charities. (Source: Instagram)

Lisa established herself in the industry with credited roles, including Anne from the 1978 horror Killer’s Moon.

Moreover, Lisa’s television career began at the age of 14 in a role in John Halifax, Gentleman.

She has appeared in music videos like Poison Arrow and Mantrap by ABC posted during the 1980s.

Further, Lisa achieved international fame as one of the original cast members featured in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2010.

Similarly, she has been a cast member and executive producer of Vanderpump Rules since its debut in 2013.

Moreover, she entered the restaurant industry, owning outlets such as SUR, Villa Blanca, and Tom Tom.

Lisa has also developed her brand with alcohol, homewares, and a dog rescue foundation.

Her Vanderpump Dog Foundation has helped save thousands of dogs from kill shelters, evidence of her dedication to philanthropy.

Nonetheless, Lisa Vanderpump’s career is an insight into her passion for business, entertainment, and making a difference in the world.

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