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Is Lloyd Austin Dead? Health After Prostate Cancer Infection

The US Army Lloyd Austin found himself at the center of a death rumor that sent shockwaves across social media. Is Lloyd Austin dead or alive? Let us find out.

Meet Lloyd James Austin III, the 28th Secretary of Defense in the United States.

Born on August 8, 1953, in Mobile, Alabama, he was the first African American to lead in combat at various military levels.

Before his current role, Austin served as a four-star general, earning respect for his dedication and informed decision-making.

Despite occasional controversy, he received numerous awards for his commitment and service.

Recently, Lloyd disclosed his diagnosis of prostate cancer, marking a challenging turn in his life’s journey.

With the news, social media buzzed with rumors of his demise, leaving many to wonder if Lloyd Austin was dead.

Is Lloyd Austin Dead? Health After Prostate Cancer Infection

Recent news has surrounded Lloyd Austin, a well-recognized personality, with rumors suggesting he is dead.

With such large followings, influencers like Lloyd often find themselves entangled in rumors and speculations.

Despite rumors about Lloyd’s possible death, there’s been no confirmation from his family or reliable sources to substantiate these claims.

Lloyd Austin captured sitting in front of his desk.
The death rumors of Lloyd Austin have taken over the internet in a very short time. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, it has lately been reported about Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s health.

Recently, the news about his cancer diagnosis and hospitalization was announced.

However, soon after the operation, he incurred post-operative complications and was admitted to the hospital with a urinary tract infection.

But it should be pointed out that no evidence indicates the death of Lloyd Austin.

Considering the lack of information, it is pretty normal to have concerns and questions about his health issues.

Consequently, whether Lloyd Austin was dead turns out to be wrong.

His doctors report that his outlook is good, and they expect him to recover fully, though it may take several months.

Lloyd and his wife walking
Lloyd Austin’s wife, Charlene, is a national advisor for the Military Child Education Coalition. (Source: Twitter)

The delay in notifying the White House and important defense officials has raised criticism.

Although the situation is worrying, relying on trustworthy information from reliable sources is essential.

Therefore, he continues to get medical treatment, and doctors are hopeful about his recovery.

In a nutshell, Lloyd Austin is not dead and is under treatment for his cancer infection. Moreover, we will update you further regarding his health in the future.

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Career And Net Worth Of US Army Lloyd Austin

Lloyd Austin was born and raised in Georgia to a Catholic parent, a mother, Aletia Taylor Austin, and a father, Lloyd James Austin Jr.

Talking about his education Austin earned a bachelor of science degree in 1975 from the United States Military Academy at West Point.

After graduation, he attended Auburn University College of Education and received a master’s degree in counselor education.

Moreover, he also earned a master’s degree in business administration in Business Management from Webster University, which he obtained in 1989.

Lloyd in straight face
Lloyd Austin began his military career as a second lieutenant. (Source: Twitter)

Following graduation from West Point, Austin served as a second lieutenant in the Infantry.

He had several assignments, amongst others, serving in Germany with the 3rd Infantry Division and later joining the 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg.

In 2003, he helped to command the third invasion of Iraq by the 3rd Infantry Division and captured Baghdad before securing it.

Promoted to the rank of general, he became the 200th four-star officer in the Army and became the sixth black person to achieve top rank.

First, he was commander of United States Central Command and retired from it in 2016.

Upon his retirement, Austin joined the private sector, where he served on the boards of various companies.

Moreover, Lloyd Austin’s estimated net worth, including his over half-million-dollar pension, is about $10 million.

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