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Lover Stalker Killer Wikipedia, Review: Dave Kroupa True Story In Netflix

The horrifying crimes involving Dave Kroupa and his love life have led to the production of Lover Stalker Killer, which has heightened the interest of viewers on Wikipedia for details on the real story. Find out more in this article!

Produced by Netflix, Lover Stalker Killer is a thrilling documentary of a twisted case of online dating.

The plot revolves around Dave Kroupa, a mechanic from Iowa when he crosses paths with Cari Farver.

Further, the pair develop a casual bond but a connection from the past puts a shocking twist to their relationship.

The documentary delves into the real-life investigations and events that lead to a story that has left viewers searching for answers.

Moreover, Lover Stalker Killer presents the impact of jealousy and revenge on the lives of Dave Kroupa and his lovers.

With such an interesting premise, the Wikipedia for Lover Stalker Killer becomes one of the most searched topics.

Lover Stalker Killer Wikipedia: Dave Kroupa True Story In Netflix

Despite the positive response to Lover Stalker Killer, the documentary has no dedicated Wikipedia page yet.

So, we bring a brief look into the real story of Dave Kroupa featured in the Netflix documentary.

The show begins with a newly divorced Dave who has recently moved to Omaha to start afresh.

Dave using a computer in Lover Stalker Killer
Dave wanted to try his hand at online dating. (Source: Twitter)

Further, he registers on a dating site and receives a message from a woman named Shanna Liz Gloyar.

Soon the pair began having dinners and stayovers at each other’s place with no strings attached.

Meanwhile, Dave discovers Cari Farver, who lives an hour away, and starts casually dating her.

However, things go astray when his two lovers cross paths when Gloyar visits his house to get something.

Shortly after the encounter, Dave starts receiving strange texts from Farver about moving in together.

When he denies her request, viewers witness the texts become increasingly threatening.

At first glance, Farver’s intentions seem to be to destroy the life of Dave and his lover, Gloyar.

As the documentary progresses, Dave recalls how he received constant threats from over 40 different phone numbers and countless emails.

However, a shocking twist in the story reveals that Farver has been dead since Dave started receiving strange messages.

The victim in Lover Stalker Killer
The innocent life of Farver was lost due to jealousy. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, the killer was none other than Golyar, who orchestrated the actions with careful planning.

With the investigations and sentencing, the audience enjoyed the overall experience with the documentary.

Now, many hope that Lover Stalker Killer gets featured on Wikipedia for its on-point depiction of the case.

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The True-Crime Documentary Review: Where Is Dave Kroupa Now?

Soon after its release, Lover Stalker Killer received a remarkable rating of 7.1 out of 10 on its IMDb page.

Similarly, the cast of Jessica Johnson (Liz), Chris Maher (Dave), and Katie Otten (Cari) makes Lover Stalker Killer a thrilling watch, prompting the search for its Wikipedia.

Directed by Sam Hobkinson, the documentary does justice to the victim and her story.

Cari Farver from Lover Stalker Killer
The documentary features a narrative-style story. (Source: Twitter)

Further, the tension is unbearable in the initial parts of the story as many believe Farver to be the mastermind.

The team also utilized a visual style where it re-enacts the events of the case with authenticity.

Moreover, Lover Stalker Killer presents the drawbacks of online dating space and platforms.

Likewise, viewers had a moment to ponder over the connections made over the internet and its effects.

In reality, the case closed with the life sentence of Golyar on counts of first-degree murder.

Additionally, she was located at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women for her crimes.

Dave Kroupa in an interview
Dave revealed that the case hampered his mental state. (Source: Twitter)

After such events, Dave maintained a low profile as he felt somewhat responsible for Farver’s death.

Currently, he lives in Nebraska with his girlfriend while trying to forget the events from his unfortunate past.

However, he made sure to thank the team of Lover Stalker Killer for bringing light to his story.

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