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Lucy Manning Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is BBC News Correspondent?

With the recent coverage of the Israel-Hamas conflicts, American journalist Lucy Manning is trending online. Her fans are curious about her family background and searching for her Wikipedia page.

Lucy Manning currently serves as a special correspondent for BBC News, a position she has held since 2014.

Prior to her tenure at the BBC, she was a UK editor for ITV News.

Lucy Manning covers all kinds of news and has interviewed many different people.

Despite the initial controversy surrounding her hiring at the BBC, she has proven her worth.

Today Lucy Manning continues to be a respected figure in the world of journalism.

Her story is a testament to the power of perseverance and professionalism in the face of adversity.

As Lucy Manning is a famous media personality in the news industry, people search for her Wikipedia page to learn more about her life.

Lucy Manning Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is BBC News Correspondent?

Despite being part of one of the biggest news broadcasting channels, Lucy Manning doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.

Furthermore, she is not very active on social media handles, even though, she has a Twitter account.

The lack of Wikipedia could also mean that the personal information of Lucy Manning is scarce.

Lucy on the red carpet of the BAFTA Award
Lucy Manning also worked at the Daily Mirror. (Source: Twitter)

As Lucy Manning holds a British nationality and works in London, it indicates that she was born in the UK.

Observing the posts, she has made on her Twitter handle, it can be assumed that she is in her mid or late 30s.

Even though there is no record of her educational background, it is evident that she is well-educated.

Since Lucy Manning is a special correspondent for BBC News, people also get curious about her family members.

Lucy Manning has been prompting her audience to search for her Wikipedia
Lucy Manning’s hiring at the BBC in 2014 caused quite a stir in the newsroom. (Source: Twitter)

However, she has managed to keep the details of her family members away from the spotlight.

Since, being open in the media world can lead to many problems, therefore Lucy is not exposing her family to the public eye.

Talking about her personal life, there aren’t any rumors relating to her dating history.

Given that Lucy Manning does not have a Wikipedia, details about her relationship status are also unknown to the public.

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The Career Path Of The BBC News Correspondent

Lucy Manning has been in the media sector for almost two decades now.

This information is evident that Lucy Manning joined the ITV News in the early 2010s. Before that, Lucy used to work for Channel 4 News.

This indicates that she has been in the media business since the 2000s.

Furthermore, during her tenure, she also covered the 2010 General Election.

She covered that news while working as a political correspondent at ITV News.

Lucy accepting the RTS media home award with her team
Lucy Manning has four RTS Journalism Awards. (Source: Twitter)

During her tenure at ITV News, Lucy Manning covered new on various topics such as crime, terrorism, and policing.

Even though she used to cover crime-related news she went into the spotlight for covering politics-related topics.

Due to her impressive work on politics-related topics BBC offered her a position.

Finally, in September 2014, Lucy Manning agreed to join BBC News and started working as a correspondent.

She has been a part of BBC News for over nine years now, and she will continue further as well.

Lucy Manning on the lab bus with BBC ITV Sky team
Lucy Manning covers many topics in her work, from local to international news. (Source: Twitter)

Besides reporting, Lucy Manning has also written several articles for BBC’s website.

Recently, in July 2023, Lucy Manning was also involved in publishing an article about one of the BBC’s presenters.

This article detailed how this particular presenter sent menacing messages to another co-worker.

Lucy Manning is rather upfront and fearless in her journalism. Given her vast knowledge and experience, it is only a matter of time before Lucy Manning gets her Wikipedia.

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