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Lucy Shimmers And The Prince Of Peace Wikipedia & Summary

The Christmas season calls for a feel-good movie, and Lucy Shimmers and The Prince of Peace is among those as viewers search for its Wikipedia and cast details.

Lucy Shimmers and The Prince of Peace is a 2020 American drama released by Bridgestone Multimedia.

The story revolves around a five-year-old, Lucy Shimmers, who is hospitalized for pneumonia.

Moreover, she encounters a hardened criminal at the hospital and forges a friendship.

With its theme of second chance, faith, and relationship, the Christmas movie is a heartwarming treat.

Now, many viewers look for the Wikipedia of Lucy Shimmers and The Prince of Peace, including its summary and cast.

Lucy Shimmers And The Prince Of Peace Wikipedia Includes Plot Summary

Let’s delve into the plot summary of Lucy Shimmers and The Prince of Peace in its Wikipedia.

As the story begins, the viewers are introduced to Lucy, a spunky, vibrant child who sees and talks to her late grandpa.

Further, she developed pneumonia, requiring her to be admitted to a hospital.

Regardless of her illness, Lucy wants to finish her book by Christmas.

Lucy Shimmer and the Prince of Peace cast
Lucy dreams of helping others in need. (Source: Facebook)

Moreover, the book has three characters: herself, Jesus, and a sad man from her dreams.

Later, the man turns out to be another patient, Edgar, at the same hospital who is a criminal.

Likewise, he needs a kidney transplant but has become estranged from his family after committing crimes.

Similarly, the people at the hospital make Edgar read the Bible, as it holds the answers to everything.

However, the criminal refuses to do so and begins seeing Lucy in her room.

Meanwhile, her late grandpa helps Lucy sneak out while her parents are sleeping to visit Edgar.

At first, Edgar is unsure about the little girl but starts trusting her more.

Lucy Shimmer in a wheelchair
Lucy becomes friends with a sad criminal, Edgar. (Source: Facebook)

As the story progresses in the Wikipedia of Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace, Edgar opens up to God.

Additionally, his wife and daughter, the two people Edgar thought he had lost forever, visit him.

However, Lucy’s health worsens, giving little hope to her parents and close family.

Likewise, the little girl has a dying wish to give one of her kidneys to Edgar.

At the end of the summary, Lucy reunites with her grandpa in the afterlife, and her decision gives Edgar a second chance at life.

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The Heartwarming Christmas Tale: Cast Member Details

Along with the summary of Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace, Wikipedia also details the cast members.

The enchanting tale was directed and written by Rob Diamond, who is known for works like Fighting Chance.

Further, the notable cast members of the film are:

  • Scarlett Diamond- Lucy Shimmers
  • Vincent Vargas- Edgar Ruiz
  • Adam Hightower- James Shimmers
  • Florencia Contreras Stevens- Isabelle Shimmers 
  • Shawn Stevens- Grandpa Jackson
  • Tara Berrett- April Shimmers
  • Aaron J. Owen- Luther
  • April Dean West- Dr. Stanswick
  • Rachel B. Davis- Nurse Angie
  • Madison Bills- Nurse Max
  • Frank Bennett- Pastor Johnson
  • Larry McCallie- Warden Banes
Lucy Shimmer and the Prince of Peace child actor
Many have praised the performance of the cast members. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, the movie received mixed reviews from its viewers upon its release.

Moreover, Scarlett Diamond gave an impressive debut performance despite her being the youngest on set.

Likewise, many loved the unexpected friendship that developed between Lucy and Edgar.

Despite a few flaws in the storyline, viewers describe the production quality and writing as excellent.

Further, Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace explore the religious aspects.

With some heavy emotional scenes, a sense of family and friendship ties the film together.

Nonetheless, the movie is surely on its way to becoming a modern Christmas classic.

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