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Lynn Greenfield Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth: Meet Wolf Blitzer Wife

After gaining international prominence as Wolf Blitzer’s wife, people have noticed Lynn Greenfield and have been searching for her Wikipedia page.

Widely recognized, Lynn Greenfield is the supportive wife of American journalist, television news anchor, and author Wolf Blitzer.

She has been a constant presence in his nearly five-decade-long journey.

Meanwhile, Wolf Blitzer has gained fame as the host of The Situation Room and the lead political anchor at CNN since 1990.

Moreover, he owes much of his success to the steadfast support of Lynn Greenfield.

While many know about Wolf Blitzer’s illustrious career as a respected news anchor, fewer are acquainted with the life of Lynn Greenfield.

So, people are keen to discover who Wolf Blitzer’s wife is and gain insights into her life, which is possible through this Wikipedia dedicated to Lynn Greenfield.

Lynn Greenfield Wikipedia: Age And Early Life

People are eager to learn about the wife of Wolthe, the famous American journalist who supported him throughout his career.

Many have searched for a Wikipedia page to discover more about Lynn Greenfield’s life story. Unfortunately, as of now, there is no dedicated Wikipedia page for her.

But we have got you covered.

Lynn Greenfield was born on September 16, 1950, in Margate City, New Jersey. So, as of 2023, she is 73 years old.

Also, despite her celebrity status, she prefers to keep her personal life away from the public eye.

Lynn Greenfield and her husband smiling
The couple has been married for 40 years and looks forward to many more.

Moreover, Lynn remains a private individual, making it challenging for people to gather information about her.

Details about her parents and any potential siblings are also unknown due to her desire for privacy.

However, sources indicate that Lynn is a Christian of Caucasian ethnicity. Additionally, her ethnic origin is German.

Likewise, Lynn has effectively kept details about her education away from the public eye, maintaining a high level of privacy.

Consequently, it’s unclear how much education she has pursued.

Despite her discreet nature, there has been confusion about Lynn Greenfield’s marital history. It appears that she entered into marriage once before becoming Wolf Blitzer’s wife.

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Lynn Greenfield’s Current And Past Marital Life 

Lynn Greenfield was once married to Joseph Gandelman, renowned as the president of Bruce Gendelman Insurance Services.

Unfortunately, their marriage ended due to irreconcilable differences in opinion.

Following her previous marriage, Lynn Greenfield entered a long-lasting union with Wolf Blitzer.

Wolf has been a CNN journalist for over three decades.

Likewise, the couple, Lynn and Wolf, tied the knot in 1973 and have since enjoyed a blissful marriage.

Wolf Blitzer in night
Before marrying Wolf, Greenfield had been married to Joseph Gandelman. (Source: Twitter)

Despite Lynn’s inclination for a low profile, observers have noted instances where the couple celebrated their enduring 50-year relationship together.

Additionally, Lynn and Wolf are proud parents to their daughter, Ilana Blitzer, who works as a beauty director for Health and All You.

Meanwhile, David Snider and Ilana Blitzer happily tied the knot and welcomed their son, Ruben, in August 2016.

Ruben stands as the only grandchild of Lynn and Wolf.

Furthermore, the CNN news section featured Wolf’s role as a grandfather.

He captures the joyous moment of him holding his newborn grandson.

Nevertheless, as people seek information about her, they are also searching for the Wikipedia page of Lynn Greenfield to gain insights into her professional career.

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Career And Net Worth Of Lynn Greenfield

Widely recognized as Wolf Blitzer’s wife, Lynn Greenfield maintains an enigmatic stance regarding her professional career and net worth.

Before becoming Wolf Blitzer’s wife, reports suggest Lynn worked as a personal shopper at the Saks Fifth Avenue store in Chevy Chase.

During this period, she gained recognition as a personal shopper and a socialite.

Although concrete details about Lynn Greenfield’s career are scarce, her passion for gardening is a known aspect.

Wolf with white hair and beard
Lynn Greenfield maintains a private life away from the public eye. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, as of November 2023, Lynn Greenfield commands an estimated net worth of around $250,000.

While her husband, Wolf Blitzer, boasts an estimated net worth of $25 million.

Also, despite the limited details about her professional life and finances, Lynn Greenfield earns admiration for being a loving wife.

Also, her personality resonates well with people.

This admiration has fueled the desire for a dedicated Wikipedia page for Lynn Greenfield, allowing more people to become familiar with her and her work.

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