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Mae Jemison Death Hoax: Is NASA Astronaut Dead?

An American astronaut, Mae Jemison, has been trending all over the internet because of the death hoax, and people across the internet are searching for an answer to the question: Is Mae Jemison dead?

Mae Carol Jemison, born on October 17, 1956, is a prominent name in America known for her contribution to science and space exploration.

Likewise, she gained a historic achievement by listing herself as the first African American woman to travel into Space.

During the historic event, she served as a mission specialist aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

After her space missions, Mae became a successful entrepreneur, founding a technology research company.

Beyond her professional achievements, she has also made various contributions to the field of education.

However, in recent times, a death hoax surrounding Mae Jemison has started to circulate online, which has left many followers concerned about her current health.

So, let’s explore the current situation of Mae Jameson and address the ongoing death hoax.

Mae Jemison Death Hoax: Is NASA Astronaut Dead?

Throughout her career journey, there were several instances when people on the internet spread rumors about her passing.

Likewise, recently, a death hoax rumor of Mae Jemison has gained traction, attracting numerous people.

Mae giving a live speech.
The death rumor of Mae Jemison is false. (Source: Twitter)

Following such rumors, hundreds of fans shared their concern, writing messages on different social media platforms.

However, some people still didn’t believe the rumors and wanted to clarify them by conducting a proper fact check.

Meanwhile, no credible sources had followed up on the news, and the rumors of the death of Mae Jemison eventually turned out to be false.

Additionally, the sources sharing the death news of Mae Jamieson also lacked proper sources of information to back the statement.

Likewise, the death rumors are still not confirmed by her family and friends, proving it as true.

Amidst all these, her admirers expressed anger at such fake reporting, claiming it was reckless and hurtful.

However, we can conclude that Mae Jemison is still alive and in healthy condition, working on her future projects.

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Where Is Mae Jemison Now? Health Update!

Although there is an ongoing death hoax of an American astronaut, Mae Jemison, her admirers seem to be concerned about her current situation.

Further, it intensifies as she rarely makes public appearances, but as per the information we got, she is fine and focused on her work.

Mae Jemison holding a coffee mug.
Mae Jemison currently works as the leader of a space project. (Source: Twitter)

According to some sources, Mae is working on the 100-year Starship project.

She is serving as the leader of the project directed by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

This starship project focuses on making star travel possible for mankind within the next century.

Moreover, there is no need to worry about her current health as she is doing great and might appear in public to address the ongoing death hoax.

Nevertheless, it is better not to speculate about Mae and let her focus on her ongoing work and achievements.

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Mae Jemison’s Early Life And Educational Background

Growing up in Decatur, Alabama, Mae developed an early interest in science and space travel.

Despite the challenges of racial civil war while growing up, she pursued her passion and completed her initial studies at Morgan Park High School.

Mae Jemison captured in the space suit.
Mae Jemison has spent more than seven days in Space. (Source: Twitter)

Further, at 16, she left home and joined Stanford University for further studies.

While at Stanford, she worked as the head of the Black Students Union along with her studies.

Later, she graduated with a B. S degree in chemical engineering and a B. A degree in African and African-American studies.

After completing her studies, Mae decided to give her childhood dream a shot and considered applying to NASA.

Meanwhile, following graduation, she attended Cornell Medical School and traveled to different countries to conduct various studies.

Similarly, after earning her master’s degree in 1981, Mae worked as the staff of the Peace Corps from 1983 to 1985.

Upon returning to the United States, she enrolled in private practice and took a graduation-level engineering course.

Later, she applied to the NASA astronaut program and was selected in 1987 among 2000 applicants.

Moreover, her past experiences and studies laid a strong foundation for her career, eventually taking her to one of the most prestigious space organizations in the world.

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