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Maeta Wikipedia, Nationality, Age: How Old Is Rising R&B Singer?

At such a young age Maeta has already become a prominent name in new generation R&B music. Her music is going viral all over the world. Let’s dive deep into the Wikipedia of Maeta.

Maeta is a famous American singer and songwriter who was born in the year 2000 on March 16th in California, United States.

She is an extremely versatile artist, but her main genre when it comes to music is R&B.

At the young age of 21, Maeta got herself signed into the very famous artist JayZ’s record label called ‘Roc Nation’.

After being signed to the recording label, Maeta released her first EP, “Habits” in April 2021.

As the popularity of the R&B singer is increasing, the Wikipedia of Maeta has become a topic of curiosity among her fans.

Maeta Wikipedia: The Transformative Journey From Indianapolis To Los Angeles

Let us begin the article with the answers to what is the meaning behind the R&B singer’s unique name.

The name Maeta was given to the R&B singer by her parents as an ode to her grandmother.

Maeta curly hair
Maeta looks extremely beautiful while she performs on stage. (Source: Instagram)

Her career as a musician began when she started posting her music on various music-sharing apps like SoundCloud and also on Instagram.

Maeta got a lot of exposure on her social media platform, and many who did not know her were finding out about her music.

People were really liking her unique style and mesmerizing voice in the songs that she was putting out.

The response from her fans gave her a new sense of confidence, and she is now brave enough to make a very crucial decision for her career.

Currently, at the age of 23, Maeta has achieved a lot as an artist and a singer.

Maeta Wikipedia
The fans of Maeta can’t wait for her to release more music. (Source: Instagram)

She decided to relocate herself from Indianapolis to Los Angeles in 2019.

At this time, Maeta was able to release her first EP, which was called “Do Not Disturb.”

The decision to move to Los Angeles later turned out to be great.

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Origin & Ethnicity Of Maeta: Her German Heritage And Artistic Roots

Maeta’s origin or nationality is American, and being born in America, she is an American citizen.

However, many Wikipedia articles about Maeta suggest she has ties with Germany.

Maeta’s great-great-grandmother was a German citizen and apparently migrated to America for a better life.

So, talking about ethnicity, Maeta is of a mixed race.

There is a saying that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Maeta’s parents are also into art and music.

Her father is a musician like Maeta, as he is a drummer in a band, and her mother is a visual artist.

Maeta Behind the scenes
Fans believe that Maeta will become the next big singer in the industry. (Source: Instagram)

Maeta once said that her mother likes to live a carefree and peaceful life.

However, her father actively shares Maeta’s accomplishments with his friends through social media.

Maeta has more than 228k followers on her Instagram handle @Maetasworld, which is increasing daily.

Over the years, many of Maeta’s songs have been able to capture the attention of music lovers all over the world.

Some of her songs that have received praise are Toxic, Teen Scene, Baby Girl, Habits, and many more.

The singer says she still has a lot of work to do and music to produce. So, we will have to wait and find out what’s in the store from Maeta.

Further, with her upcoming project, Maeta may also get to have a dedicated Wikipedia in future.

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