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Maha Dakhil Husband Matt Jackson: Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth

It’s not uncommon for popular people to get into trouble for their statements. Maha Dakhil and her husband, Matt Jackson, are navigating the controversy together. Let’s get to know the equally successful husband of Maha Dakhil.

Maha Dakhil is a prominent name in Hollywood as she is a talent agent at the Creative Artists Agency (CAA).

She is also the Head of the Motion Picture Group and the International Film Group.

Recently, Maha got herself involved in a big controversy regarding her statement about the Israel-Hamas conflict.

She did issue an apology for her insensitive remark on the ongoing war. However, the netizens do not seem to let this controversy slide.

Matt Jackson, the husband of Maha Dakhil, is also in the headlines and expected to address his wife’s controversial incident.

Maha Dakhil Husband: Hollywood Journey From Marriage To Jackson Pictures

Matt Jackson and Maha Dakhil married ten years ago, in 2013, on December 3.

Similar to Maha, Matt is also a prominent name in Hollywood as he is a film producer.

Maha Dakhil Matt Jackson
Maha Dakhil and husband Matt are a power couple in Hollywood. (Sorce: Twitter)

Matt and Maha have a daughter together whose name is Serene Jackson.

Among many of Matt’s famous hits in Hollywood, movies like Molly’s Game and Southside stand out.

Matt Jackson was born on May 22, 1974, which makes him 49 years old as of November 2023.

Matt has launched his own production company called Jackson Pictures.

Before the launch of Jackson Pictures, he held many important roles in other companies like IM Global.

Matt Jackson
Matt Jackson and his wife, Maha Dakhil, are big names in Hollywood. (Source: Twitter)

During his time at IM Global, he got to produce films like The Journey and Free State of Jones.

In fact, Jackson’s Pictures was born as he was working for another Hollywood company called The Mark Gordon Company.

EOne later acquired the Mark Gordon Company, and it was due to the acquisition that Matt created Jackson Pictures.

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Matt Jackson’s Hollywood Journey: Collaboration With Mark Gordon

His collaboration with Mark Gordon remains one of the most important decisions of his professional career in Hollywood.

The collaboration led him to make films independently, and now he could make big decisions independently.

Matt also made a lot of news recently for his decision to partner with the studio called Fifth Season.

Fifth Season is the studio behind the Apple TV+ film Severance. He will now produce a much-awaited SkyDance series called Ring Shout.

Maha Dakhil Husband
Maha Dakhil and her husband, Matt, are taking a break from social media. (Source: Twitter)

Matt’s net worth is unavailable on the internet, but assumptions are made that it can be close to over 2 million US dollars.

People in Hollywood describe Matt as not just a producer but also a storyteller with the talent to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide.

Now the question is, how will husband Matt and Maha Dakhil navigate through this big controversy?

The couple seems to be taking time before addressing the controversy in person.

This time, whatever action they take will be an action with many thought processes.

Maha Dakhil and his husband, Matt, have been together for a long time and have spent more than a decade supporting each other through thick and thin.

So, netizens assume the couple will figure out a way out of the big controversy.

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