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Mahala Mullins Wikipedia: Who Is Tennessee Moonshiner of Late 80s?

Mahala Mullins, one of the most well-known moonshiners in Tennessee history, has prompted many people to look up her Wikipedia page online in order to learn more about her story and legacy.

Mahala Mullins was a renowned moonshiner who was famous for her unique homemade moonshine.

Her product often had flavors that were extracted from apples from her local garden.

This attracted many people from far away who traveled just to purchase the product.

Furthermore, Mahala was an independent businesswoman and highly respected in Central Appalachia.

Her exceptional way of making moonshine made her a significant figure in the history of moonshining.

Now, the story of Mahala Mullins has been part of history leading many people to surf the internet to search for her Wikipedia.

Mahala Mullins Wikipedia: Famous Tennessee Moonshiner of the 19th Century

Despite being the most renowned moonshiner, there is no dedicated Wikipedia for Mahala Mullins.

The following article will provide you with the personal details of Mahala Mullins relevant to her Wikipedia.

Mahala Mullins, commonly known as “Big Haley”, was born in 1824 to Solomon Dickerson Collins and Jane Goins in Tennessee.

About her family life, she married Johnnie “Skinny” Mullins at a young age.

Due to his slender build, the nickname Johnnie was “Skinny.”

Mahala and Johnnie made their home in a cabin on Newman’s Ridge.

The cabin of Mahala Mullins
Newspaper reporters came to the cabin of Mahala Mullins from all over the country in the 1890s to report on Mahala’s moonshine business. (Source: Twitter)

The isolated place was perfect for Mahala’s future moonshine operations.

Additionally, the couple together had about 20 children, some of whom died as infants.

As they had a large family, Mahala’s moonshining business supported her family’s basic needs.

Though her place was isolated and life was hard, she was very determined and became a legendary moonshiner.

Moreover, she learned how to brew liquor from a young age and mastered her skills over the years.

However, Mahala was very proud to support her family by selling high-quality moonshine as an income.

This led many people to look up her Wikipedia page online in order to learn more about her story.

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What Is The History Of Moonshining In Tennessee?

Moonshining has a long history in Tennessee, rooted in the state of Appalachian cultural heritage.

It originally developed in areas like Cades Cove and Blount, Carter, Fentress, Hancock, Henry, Polk, and Scott Counties.

The moonshining business grew during prohibition from 1920-1933 when there was a ban on selling alcohol nationwide.

Both men and women produced moonshine commercially in mountainous and forested areas.

Those areas were perfect for hiding stills and transporting moonshine.

Moonshining In Tennessee
The most famous female moonshiner of all time was a lady named Mahala “Big Haley” Mullins. (Source: Twitter)

Legends that glorified moonshiners and the federal “revenuers” who pursued them established themselves in Tennessee culture.

Moreover, car chases between agents and smugglers in the backcountry gave rise to legends.

After alcohol regained legal status, moonshining started to decline but it continued in rural Tennessee into the late 1990s.

The current laws prohibit unregulated distilling, but they allow the brewing of beer and wine for personal use.

While untaxed liquor production has faded, moonshining’s cultural impact persists through folklore, music, movies, and moonshine tourism.

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