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Who Is Mandrake Thiago? Age And Wikipedia Of The Tiktoker

Mandrake Thiago is one of the many uprising content creators in the present context. But many wonder about the age of the TikToker as details about Mandrake Thiago are hard to find. Let’s explore more further in this article.

Mandrake Thiago is a social media personality known for his entertaining videos online, especially TikTok.

He uploads several videos daily which garners likes and views from millions of users.

Further, Thiago posts most of his content with the members of Teenhouse, who are a group of young video creators.

As he continues to gain new followers, many are interested in knowing the age of Mandrake Thiago.

Who Is Mandrake Thiago? Age And Wikipedia Of The Tiktoker

Despite having a significant number of followers, Mandrake Thiago has not made his personal information public.

The absence of such details has limited the insight into the TikToker’s lifestyle.

Thiago Melo, popularly known as Mandrake Thiago, was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and as for his age, he is 11 years old.

Mandrake Thiago wearing sunglasses
Thiago gains millions of views on his comedy skits. (Source: Instagram)

However, many speculated that Mandrake Thiago is in his early teen years due to his physical appearance.

Looking at his online content, Thiago often makes skirts and entertaining videos with his friends.

Some of the other influencers featured in his posts are Felipe Melchiori, Giovana Martynns, and Guilherme Martynns.

Similarly, Thiago has over 810k followers on the platform and over 4 million likes.

He also remains active on his Instagram account, sharing glimpses of his vacations, songs, and moments with his friends.

Even at a young age, Mandrake Thiago has managed to produce several songs with upbeat tunes.

Thiago’s first song was Mandrakinho vai ser meu Namorado which featured Rafa Barretta.

Moreover, he continued to pursue a path in the music industry as he collaborated with Giovana to create So um Selinho.

Mandrake Thiago in a pool
Fans claim that Thiago resembles Justin Bieber. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Thiago has also garnered the attention of netizens due to his tattoos and piercings.

The young influencer often flaunts his several piercings on his ears, nose, eyebrows, and tongue.

Similarly, Thiago has a tattoo behind his ears that reads the word ‘Fi’ with a cross sign above it.

It was revealed that the creator was only 9 years old when he decided to ink himself.

Regardless, his age has not stopped Mandrake Thiago from doing as he pleases in his life.

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Does Thiago Have A Girlfriend? Relationship Details

In recent days, fans have been curious to learn more about the relationship status of Mandrake Thiago.

Although he is young, Thiago has not shied away from mingling with several other creators.

Further, he is often seen kissing and cuddling with Kethelyn Moraes, who has worked with Thiago for a long time.

Moraes is also a well-known creator with over 204k followers on her social media platforms.

However, the pair have not publicly announced their relationship to their followers.

Mandrake Thiago with Kethelyn
Thiago often shares intimate moments with Moraes. (Source: Instagram)

Nonetheless, fans are always excited to see them together in the engaging skits posted online.

During one of their shoots, Thiago pretended to propose to his friend, and their admirers adored the gesture.

On the other hand, many criticize Mandrake Thiago for indulging in such activities at a young age.

As he has never mentioned about schooling and education, netizens worry about his future career.

However, Thiago earns millions from his narrative videos and songs, which is enough to sustain a lavish lifestyle.

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