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Mandy Stavik Wikipedia: The 18 Year Old Who Was Brutally Killed

One of the worst things that could happen in anyone’s life is death, but the brutal death of Mandy Stavik made headlines during the 1980s which has let many people search for more information about Mandy Stavik on Wikipedia.

Born on April 16, 1971, in Bellingham, Washington, Mandy Stavik’s life unfolded with its share of challenges.

As a first-year student at Central Washington University, she would have a great and bright future ahead of her.

Raised in Alaska until her parents’ divorce, Mandy, her mother Mary, and her siblings moved to Acme, Washington, where they faced tough times.

The family endured further tragedy when Mandy’s elder brother was fatally shot in Anchorage in 1975.

Despite hardships, Mandy embraced life with enthusiasm, becoming a beloved figure in her community.

Her story is a poignant reminder of resilience in the face of adversity, highlighting the importance of cherishing moments and those around us.

But how did someone kill the sweet friendly girl whom everyone in the community loved? And what was the reason has made people curious more about Mandy Stavik on Wikipedia?

Is the Story of Mandy Stavik On Wikipedia?

Unfortunately, Wikipedia does not feature information about the Mandy Stavik story.

However, the story of Mandy goes along with the hard days she faces in her daily life. 

She lived her life with the motive of loving all the people. She found her love in Rick Zender, her boyfriend.

Cheering every moment of her life and running track, the day arrived when she was at a Thanksgiving where she had dinner. 

Mandy Stavik with her brother for photo
Mandy Stavik with her brother spending her time with family. (Source: Instagram)

After she finished her dinner, she decided to go out for a run more or less the same route when she was home in Acme. 

She went out running at 2.30 pm with her German Shepherd dog Kyra towards Strand Road. 

But then she never came back after the run. Her family was worried and started to search for Mandy asking friends and any person they found to ask about Mandy.

They also reported her missing case, but after three days on Nov 27.

The place where Mandy Body was found and police searching the area.
The place where Mandy Stavik was found dead and police were searching for evidence and witnesses. (Source: Instagram)

The devastating day for Mandy’s family occurred when authorities discovered her body just a few miles away from her home.

The killer sexually assaulted and drowned her and her naked body was only clad in shoes and socks.

The police initiated a serious investigation into the case following the discovery of her body.

But who was the killer and what was his motive, people want to know about it. 

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Who was the Killer of Mandy Stavik?

Mandy’s body lay five miles away from her house when the police discovered it. They conducted a thorough investigation to uncover her killer.

DNA testing was in its infancy in 1989, but investigators determined that asphyxia due to drowning caused her death.

Police managed to gather the DNA from her body and went not searching for the suspects.

Finding a lead to find her killer. A witness named David Cracker told police that he saw Mandy run past him. 

Timothy Bass the killer of Mandy on Court
The Killer of Mandy Stavik, Timothy Bass was sentenced to 320 months in prison. (Source: Instagram)

The case took an unexpected turn when a witness spotted two individuals in their 30s near the crime scene.

Subsequently, Merrilee accused Tim Bass of Mandy’s murder, leading to a cold case.

However, DNA testing in 2017 revealed a match between Tim’s DNA and that found on Mandy Stavik’s body.

The police arrested Tim, and on May 24, 2019, the jury found him guilty of murder. During the trial, Tim addressed the court:

I would first like to say that I’m one hundred percent innocent of this crime.

He received the maximum sentence of 320 months in prison.

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