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Is Marcello Hernandez Gay? Sexuality And Rumored Wife, Girlfriend

Gay rumors of Marcello Hernandez have been circulating lately on TikTok and Instagram from a comedy show. Are the rumors true or false? Let’s get more information about it.

Marcello Hernandez, a talented American stand-up comedian and actor, has caught the attention of many with his wit and humor.

After his appearance on the 48th season of Saturday Night Live in 2022, he gained popularity in the entertainment world. 

Further, Hernandez had previously performed short-form pieces on Tiktok, such as Only in Dade, about his home in Miami, Florida.

However, beyond the laughter, whispers and speculations about his personal life have surfaced, particularly regarding gay rumors.

As the rumor mill churns, the question lingers: Is Marcello Hernandez gay? This article delves into the details to uncover the truth about his journey.

Is Marcello Hernandez Gay? Everything About SNL Star

With all the publicity surrounding Marcello Hernandez, rumor of him being gay is now circulating on the Internet.

Marcello Hernandez was born on 19 August 1997 and is an American stand-up comedian and actor.

Hernandez spent his childhood in Miami, Florida, where he was born, and attended Belen Jesuit Preparatory School there.

Marcello in an restaurant out for a family dinner.
Marcello Hernandez’s comedies are often about cooking, food, and family life (Source: Instagram)

Further, Hernandez is of Dominican descent on his father’s side and Cuban descent on his mother’s side.

Hernandez completed his graduation in 2019 from John Carroll University with an Entrepreneurship and Communication degree.

Although he moved to New York City in 2019 to pursue his stand-up career, he was selected for Just For Laughs: New Face of Comedy in 2022.

Marcello appearance in thelatenightshow.
Marcello loved giving interviews and speeches from an early age. (Source: Instagram)

Besides being a media personality, Hernandaz’s personal life has been private, and he hasn’t disclosed any specific details.

Also, regarding his relationships, Marcello Hernandez has not revealed anything at the moment. 

His dating history is a well-guarded secret, with no breadcrumbs left on the internet trail.

Further, A thorough scroll through his Instagram account yields no hints, no subtle nods, just a comedian enjoying life on his terms.

Marcello Hernandez with his beloved mi mamá.
Hernandez’s social media handles are filled with comedians and travel posts. (Source: Instagram)

His net worth is more than a million dollars as he gains income through Movies, TV series, and social media handles.

Marcellos’ success in the comedian industry has greatly impacted social media such as TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and more.

Yet, being a charismatic comedian in Saturday Night Live antics, the rumors of Marcello Hernandez being gay have made headlines.

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Debunking Rumors Surrounding SNL Star As A Gay

Recent rumors suggesting that Marcello Hernandez might be gay have sparked curiosity among fans and followers.

The speculations about Marcello Hernandez being gay appeared to have originated from his involvement in the Saturday Night Live comedy sketch titled Tiny A** Bag – SNL.

In this sketch, Hernandez portrayed a role that involved a specific manner of dress and behavior.

Therefore, after watching him act that way on the show, his fans started questioning his sexuality. 

However, it’s crucial to emphasize that his on-screen portrayal is just that – a portrayal.

Marcello Hernandez at graduation
Marcello Hernandez is of both Cuban and Dominican descent. (Source: Instagram)

The 26-year-old comedian has not publicly addressed his sexuality, maintaining a private stance on this aspect of his life.

Until Marcello Hernandez chooses to share more about his journey, any assumptions regarding being gay remain speculative.

However, we can’t directly jump to the conclusion that the rumors are true.

Hence, his unique blend of intellect, creativity, and values makes him a compelling presence in the realms.

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