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Marcia Coyle Wikipedia, Age: Bio Of Chief Washington Correspondent

Recently, the former Chief Washington Correspondent Marcia Coyle has gained widespread attention, leading to a rapid increase in searches for her Wikipedia.

Marcia Coyle is an accomplished American journalist, renowned for her reporting on the United States Supreme Court.

She is widely recognized for her contribution as the Chief Washington Correspondent for The National Law Journal since 1986.

Meanwhile, her contribution to legal journalism has earned her widespread recognition, establishing her as a trustworthy source.

With a career spanning over three decades, Marcia has left an indelible mark through her insightful reporting on important legal topics.

Moreover, Marcia has become a highly respected figure among legal professionals with her commitment to her work.

Furthermore, her contribution to the industry has also increased the curiosity among people regarding her personal life.

As a result, many are searching for the Wikipedia of Marcia Coyle for further details.

Marcia Coyle Wikipedia: Early Life And Education

Despite her noteworthy contribution to American journalism, Marcia Coyle doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

So, we have finally come up with some interesting information about Marcia that could be used in her Wikipedia article.

Marcia Coyle was born to her parents on June 24, 1952, in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Fast forward to 2024, she is 72 years old.

Marcia Coyle captured in a close up shot.
Marcia Coyle had an interest in journalism since her early age. (Source: Twitter)

However, further details about her parents and family have not made their way to the internet to date.

Despite her vibrant and transparent career in the journalism industry, Marcia has also never shared information about her family.

She has always liked to keep her details away from the spotlight due to her reasons.

Meanwhile, every thorough investigation to find out her family details has led to a dead end, leaving fans in Mystery.

Despite this lack of information, it is known that she has been interested in journalism since her early years.

Furthermore, as for her education, Marcia completed her schooling at a local high school in her hometown.

After graduating from high school, she went on to attend the University of Baltimore School of Law.

There she excelled academically and earned a bachelor’s degree in law.

Additionally, Marcia also completed a degree in Journalism from Northwest University’s Medill School.

Moreover, her early experiences and educational background helped her lay the foundation for her future career.

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Details On Marcia Coyle’s Journalism Career

Upon completion of her education, Marcia began her journalism career in 1974 at the Allentown Call-Chronicle Newspapers.

After almost ten years of hard work, she was promoted to the position of Washington bureau chief in 1984.

Marcia Coyle captured during a reporting.
Marcia Coyle has achieved a lot throughout her career. (Source: PBS)

Later, in 1987, the career of Marcia Coyle took a pivotal turn when she joined The National Law Journal, notable in her Wikipedia.

There she went on to work for about three decades, gaining widespread recognition for her work.

Her outstanding works further earned her numerous accolades including the prestigious George Polk Award and Investigative Reporter award.

One of her most noteworthy projects includes the one that analyzed how the EPA cleans up superfund sites using data.

Further, her reporting in 1992 on caliber attorneys defending individuals on death row in six states solidified her status as one of the best in her field.

Moreover, throughout her career, Marcia’s contribution provided insider knowledge about the US legal circle to civilians.

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More About Marcia Coyle’s Personal Life

Apart from her successful career as a journalist, Marcia is also a dedicated wife and mother.

She has been happily married to her husband Raymon Dibiago since May 1984, sharing a lifelong bond to date.

Marcia Coyle captured in blue dress.
Marcia Coyle has a small and lovely family. (Source: PBS)

They shared their wedding vows in a private ceremony around a few of their close friends and family members.

Raymon Dibiago is a bankruptcy law practitioner as for his profession.

The couple together are parents to two children, Robert and Katherine Dibiago from their marriage.

Meanwhile, as of 2024, both of Marcia’s children have grown up and focused on their path to success.

Moreover, the Dibiago family currently lives in their family home located somewhere around Pennsylvania, sharing a strong bond.

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