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Marcia Harvey Wikipedia, Net Worth: Meet Steve Harvey Ex Wife

Being the first wife of the renowned television host Steve Harvey, there has been a rise in the number of people seeking inside details about Marcia Harvey, resulting in a wide internet surge for her Wikipedia page. So, who is she? Let’s find that out!

Marcia Harvey is a successful businesswoman who runs her own fashion line. 

Moreover, she is an American-African author known for her amazing collection of writings. 

However, Marcia came into the limelight for her marriage and divorce with the popular TV personality Steve Harvey. 

Since her ex-husband Steve has gained wide popularity, the search for his married life, including his marriage with Marcia, is equally prevalent.

So, fans are curious to know more about Marica Harvey and also her journey from a store worker to a successful businesswoman via Wikipedia.

Marcia Harvey Wikipedia: Journey Of Being Author

In spite of the rise in fame of her authorship, the Wikipedia page of Marcia Harvey is still yet to be available. 

So, for the ease of her fans and supporters, here we have come with the Wikipedia articles of the author Marcia Harvey. 

Marcia was born on January 22, 1955, in Cleveland, Ohio in a close-knit family. 

Likewise, she grew up in a middle-class family, on top of that in an American-African family.

So, she had to grow up facing lots of difficulties and challenges in her way. 

Since her early days, Marcia developed a huge passion for writing, but circumstances did not work well then.

Marcia Harvey pictured for her book cover
Marcia Harvey is an established author. (Source: GoodReads)

Thus, instead of pursuing her passion, she started working at a department store named Saks Fifth Avenue in 1978. 

A few years later, Marica met Steve Harvey at a mutual friend’s reception party and both fell in love. 

In the year 1980, the couple walked down the aisle. At the time Steve was yet to gain fame; he was just an insurance salesman.

However, for several personal reasons, the two parted ways after a decade in 1990 and finalized their divorce in 1994.

Marcia with her daughter
Marcia Harvey started her career in a department store. (Source: Instagram)

After that, Marcia started fiercely working for her fashion line which gained popularity shortly after. 

Adding more to her Wikipedia page, Marica Harvey also became an author and published her first poetry book Marcia: Eyes to the Soul in April 2011. 

She later wrote more books entitled Marcia: Poems From The Heart, and Marcia: Thoughts From My Mind. 

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The Net Worth Of Marcia Harvey

Despite her poor upbringing, Marcia Harvey has now established herself as one of the most successful independent businesswomen worldwide. 

Her journey from nothing to everything regarding financial empowerment inspires millions. 

With her successful published books and own fashion line, Marcia Harvey now holds an astonishing net worth of $1 million. 

Though Marcia is not candid about the source of her net worth, people speculate it is from her personal business ventures and book sales. 

Marcia Harvey with her children
Marcia Harvey is the ex-wife of popular comedian Steve Harvey. (Source: Instagram)

Apart from that, there is no exact information about her salary and the company turnover. 

She prefers to avoid discussing her finances attracting unnecessary media attention. 

Despite all the secrecy, Marcia is now a successful and respected author and businesswoman.

Moreover, Her self-written poetry books are among the most-sold books on online platforms.

After all this, it’s needless to say that today she stands strong as an independent, self-made businesswoman in front of the world. 

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