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Mariah Lynn Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is The Baddies East Star?

After appearing in the American reality series The Baddies East, the American hip-hop star Mariah Lynn Araujo has made quite a name among netizens. So, let’s know more about Mariah Lynn through her Wikipedia article.

Mariah Lynn is a well-known singer, songwriter, and television personality.

She is mainly known for performing as a rapper on Lop & Hip Hop: New York. Further, she became a main cast member in season six.

Besides being a rapper, Mariah also owns a YouTube channel named MariahLynnn that has over 106 thousand subscribers.

To date, she has released a lot of songs. Some of her most popular songs are: Once Upon A Time, Never Bitch, Too Much Money, Money Gun, etc.

She mostly releases her new songs and albums on her own YouTube channel.

Moreover, when she appeared in the fourth season of Baddies East, her fans actively scoured the internet to search for the Wikipedia page of Mariah Lynn.

Mariah Lynn Wikipedia: Her Journey Of Becoming A Rapper

Mariah Lynn was born on July 17th, 1990, in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States, to her parents, Raphael Araujo and Tasha Jacoby. As of now, she is 33 years old.

She actively grew up in New Jersey alongside her three siblings – Danny, Icelynn Jacoby, and Victoria Ramos.

As a child, Mariah Lynn had a really tough time as her mother struggled with addiction, which led her to not be present around her kids, which is notable in her Wikipedia.

Mariah posing in a white t-shirt and blue jeans while she was a kid.
Mariah had a tough childhood due to her parent’s addiction. (Source: Facebook)

Furthermore, her father was also the same and often had to spend a lot of time behind bars after having run-ins with the law.

Ultimately, Mariah’s parents separated for an unknown reason, leading Tasha to her second marriage to Jacoby.

However, being the eldest among her siblings, she had to step up and take responsibility for her family.

As for her career, Mariah Lynn always dreamed of becoming a rapper. But due to her family situation, she had to forfeit them and work as a stripper in a nightclub.

While working, she met DJ Self, who pushed her into the rap industry.

He also helped her release her debut song, Once Upon a Time, instantly becoming a hit.

The poster of Mariah's first song.
Mariah released her first song in 2015 with the help of DJ Self.

Moreover, in 2015, Mariah became a part of the reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York.

This further helped her gather a larger audience for her songs.

She also shared all her personal and professional issues in the show, through which the world learned more about her past struggles.

However, despite being well-known in the rapper’s community, Mariah Lynn has no dedicated Wikipedia page.

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Mariah Lynn Love Life, Relationship And Net Worth

Mariah Lynn has a really interesting love life, as she has been in many relationships.

She was engaged with two of her cast members from the show Lop and Hip Hop: New York.

She also dated Diamond Strawberry for some time but later separated.

Mariah Lynn and Rich sitting on a couch.
Mariah and Rich dated for almost 10 years without making it public.

Furthermore, in 2019’s reunion special Love & Hip Hop, viewers learned about Mariah Lynn and Rich Dollaz’s relationship.

This created a buzz among netizens as they kept everything about their relationship away from the public. 

However, eventually, they broke up after 10 years of relationship.

Therefore, Mariah Lynn is currently single and not dating anyone, as per the information we have.

Meanwhile, thanks to the ventures and records Mariah has released, her estimated net worth has reached around $1 million, which seems to be growing yearly.

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