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Marilee Fiebig Holmes Wikipedia, Age: Meet T.J. Holmes Ex-Wife

After her divorce from T.J. Holmes, Marilee Fiebig took the spotlight with new dating rumors as people searched for details on her Wikipedia page.

T.J. Holmes is an American journalist and national television personality who gained prominence as a CNN correspondent.

He spent five years at the network anchoring CNN Saturday & Sunday Morning.

Further, T.J. worked as a correspondent and anchor for ABC News for over nine years.

However, the network fired him from the position after revealing that he had an affair with co-host Amy Robach.

Meanwhile, T.J. was married to Marilee Feibig Holmes at the time of the scandal.

As the couple moves past their troublesome relationship, the focus has shifted to the Wikipedia of Marilee Fiebig Holmes.

Marilee Fiebig Holmes Wikipedia, Age: Meet T.J. Holmes Ex-Wife

To date, Marilee Fiebig has only been recognized as the wife of ABC journalist T.J. Holmes.

However, the Wikipedia for Marilee Fiebig Holmes provides a detailed account of her personal life.

Marilee was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on October 27, 1977.

Marilee Fiebig ex-husband
Marilee has experience in law and fashion. (Source: Instagram)

Further, her mother was from the country, while her father served in the Peace Corps before moving to the States.

Meanwhile, it seems the experience in a new country inspired Marliee to pursue a career in law.

The 46-year-old graduated from the University of Michigan before getting her law degree at Vanderbilt University Law School.

Moreover, Marilee started working as an attorney and later garnered experience in the fashion industry.

Likewise, she used her law degree at modeling agency Wilhelmina Models as operations and general counsel.

The attorney was also the Chief of Staff at JAY-Z’s entertainment agency, Roc Nation.

Marilee Fiebig Holmes
Marilee had to go through a troublesome divorce. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, since June 2021, Marilee has served as the Chief Diversity Officer for Save the Children.

As per her bio on the organization’s website, she has spent more than a decade practicing immigration law.

Further, Marilee Fiebig Holmes wants to make a direct impact in the world, which is a notable trait for her Wikipedia.

Similarly, the attorney is a mentor for Unlock Her Potential, a program founded by Sophia Chang.

Apart from her career, Marilee was married to T.J. before ending things on a bitter note.

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Marilee Dating Andrew Shue: Relationship That Buded Over Trauma Bonding

The news of Marilee Fiebig dating Andrew Shue came shortly after T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach denied cheating allegations.

Andrew Shue rose to fame after appearing as Billy Campbell in the Beverly Hills spinoff Melrose Place

Moreover, he was married to Amy for more than a decade before they split in 2022.

Andrew Shue, Marilee Fiebig Holmes new relationship
Andrew is a businessman and a former football player. (Source: Instagram)

Further, the ex-spouses of the former co-anchors sparked a romantic connection as they navigated their divorces.

The broadcasters’ romance became public as photos of them cozying up together surfaced.

Moreover, Amy and T.J. were not separated from their spouses then.

Later, the network temporarily removed the co-anchors from their daytime television program.

Recently, on an Amy & T.J. Podcast episode, the couple revealed that they had lived separately from their spouses.

Meanwhile, T.J. settled his divorce with Marilee in December 2022, just weeks after his cheating news.

TJ Holmes with Amy
T.J. dated his co-host while he was together with Marilee. (Source: Instagram)

Nonetheless, this allowed Marilee to connect with Andrew and his experience.

Further, they sparked dating rumors, as many referred to Marilee as Andrew’s girlfriend even before confirmations.

As Marilee Fiebig Holmes navigates her life with Andrew, it marks the next step in her Wikipedia.

Meanwhile, Andrew and Marilee have moved past their ex-spouses and aim to build a healthy family.

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