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Marjorie Harvey Wikipedia, Age: Bio of Steve Harvey Wife

After debunking their divorce rumors, Steve Harvey has been going strong with his wife. This has led to people searching for the Wikipedia of Marjorie Harvey, so let’s explore more!

Marjorie Elaine Bridges, better known as Marjorie Harvey, is a renowned figure in the fashion and styling industry.

She has also contributed to the field of social media influencing and philanthropic activities.

Apart from that, Marjorie is recognized for her decade-long marriage with American comedian and TV personality, Steve Harvey.

However, the relationship has not always been smooth running as the pair have faced their share of problems.

As the couple stays in the limelight, it has resulted in increasing searches for the Wikipedia of Marjorie Harvey.

Marjorie Harvey Wikipedia: Bio Of Steve Harvey Wife

Despite being a well-recognized figure in the fashion and entertainment industry, there is no Wikipedia page for Marjorie Harvey yet.

However. this article provides you a peek into the multi-faceted life of the celebrity spouse.

Born on October 10, 1964, Marjorie comes from the rich neighborhood of Chicago.

Marjorie Harvey wearing a black dress
Marjorie often gives back to society with her foundation. (Source: Instagram)

Growing up, she had a dream of becoming a clothing designer in Hollywood in hopes of working with celebrities.

However, once she realized a college degree would not contribute to her career goals, Marjorie dropped out of the University of Memphis.

Moreover, she began pursuing her passion for fashion and travel with little budget.

Working towards her goal, Marjorie attended fashion shows from Hollywood to Paris, garnering all the experience she could.

Then she met Steve Harvey at a comedy club that the entertainer was performing at in Memphis.

Their initial connection did not work out for a long time and the pair later reconnected through mutual friends.

This time around Marjorie tied the knot with the comedian, who encouraged her to start the fashion blog, The Lady Loves Couture.

Likewise, she writes about tours, empowerment, etiquette, and many other fashion-related topics on the platform.

Marjorie Harvey posing in a staircase
Marjorie is a proud mother of seven children. (Source: Instagram)

To add to her Wikipedia, the influencer launched Marjorie Harvey Closet and Handbags which further gave shape to her lifelong dream.

Moreover, Marjorie started a foundation with her husband early on in their marriage.

The facility puts together youth outreach services, educational seminars, and mentorships.

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Marjorie Harvey’s Age: A Proud Mother And Grandmother 

Apart from a successful career, the family of Marjorie Harvey is also notable for her Wikipedia page.

Together with Steve, the 59-year-old fashion designer has seen children who make up one large blended family.

Further, the comedian had twin daughters, Brandi and Karli, and a son Broderick with his first wife.

Marjorie Harvey with Steve Harvey on a couch
Marjorie denied rumors about her divorce. (Source: Instagram)

Steve also fathered Wyton with Shackelford, whom he divorced earlier in 2005.

Meanwhile, Marjorie has three children from her previous marriage, Morgan, Jason, and Lori.

Similarly, the comedian legally adopted the children after starting his marital life with Marjorie in 2007.

Although the pair were excited about a new step in their life, the children were a bit hesitant about their family.

However, Marjorie always encouraged them to connect with the family members.

Now, in addition to her seven children, the fashion influencer is a grandmother to seven grandchildren.

In an interview, Steve revealed that his wife loves being a grandparent and is proud of her family.

Marjorie and her family on Christmas
Marjorie loves spending quality time with her blended family. (Source: Instagram)

However, their family had to go through a troublesome time when news of Marjorie cheating surfaced online.

During such speculations, Steve stood up for his partner and called the rumors foolishness and lies.

The pair have been together for nearly two decades and have supported each other in their success.

Further, Steve claims that the influencer is one of the best women that he has ever met.

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