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Who Is Mark Vanderpump Wife Simone Beasant? Lisa Brother

After Mark Vanderpump died mysteriously, people sought out his wife Simone Beasant to uncover the reason for his death, as she had claimed she knew what happened with Mark.

Mark Vanderpump, a British socialite in the city of London, was a businessman and DJ known for embracing life in his later years.

He gained attention because he was the brother of reality television star Lisa Vanderpump.

On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 9, a tearful Lisa Vanderpump opened up about losing her brother, Mark Vanderpump.

Following his death, investigations sought to determine the cause of his passing.

Investigators discovered that the wife of Mark Vanderpump, Simone Beasant, had something to say.

Consequently, people became curious to learn more about Simone Beasant, the wife of Mark Vanderpump.

Mark Vanderpump Wife: Who Is Simone Beasant?

Simone Beasant gained fame for being the wife of Mark Vanderpump, the brother of Lisa Vanderpump.

As per some sources, she is a businesswoman born in Brentwood, Essex, England.

She is 54 years old, as per her date of birth, November 1969.

She became popular after marrying a famous businessman and DJ, Mark Vanderpump, Lisa Vanderpump’s brother.

Mark Vanderpump and his wife selfies smiling
Mark Vanderpump has been in a relationship with Gemma Walker since August 2016 (Source: The Scottish Sun)

Mark Vanderpump and Simone Beasant were married in 1993 in Westminster, London, after dating for over a year.

They welcomed two children, Jack and Sam, throughout their almost 22 years of marriage.

However, after the birth of their children, their relationship did not go well, and consequently, the couple divorced in 2015.

After the divorce, the children lived with their mom in Chelmsford, Essex.

Many years after the divorce from Mark, Simone Beasant started dating Douglas F Good, and till now, they are happily in a relationship with each other.

However, after Mark’s death, Simone Beasant also started appearing less publicly, avoiding unnecessary controversies.

Due to that reason, there is very little information available about the former wife of Mark Vanderpump.

Mark Vanderpump’s Fiancee Gemma Ramsay

In May 2017, a scandal involving Mark Vanderpump and Gemma Ramsay emerged in the United Kingdom due to a love triangle involving her then-husband, Mike Ramsay.

Further, Gemma Walker had previously married Scottish actor Patrick Baladi in Saint Lucia in January 2007. The couple had a daughter named Ava together.

They met while appearing in an episode of the British detective series A Touch of Frost in 2003.

Despite their split, Patrick remained heavily involved in raising their daughter.

In 2010, Walker put out an advertisement seeking stunning girls to join her girl group, Dolly Mix, intending to enter the British version of The X-Factor.

Gemma started dating Mark on August 2, 2016, as posted by Mark Vanderpump on Facebook. They dated for three years before becoming engaged.

Gemma sleeping in sofa
Gemma Walker is the mother of three (Source: Facebook)

Moreover, Gemma Walker was the last person Mark talked to before he died.

DJ Mark Vanderpump had argued with his model fiancee, Gemma Ramsay. The couple exchanged angry texts shortly before he died.

While Lisa is opening up an investigation into his death, Mark’s fiancee, Gemma Walker, claims what happened was suicide.

According to Radar Online, Gemma is opening up about her final conversation with her late fiance.

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Lisa Vanderpump’s Brother Mark’s Suicide

Authorities found Mark Vanderpump unresponsive at his home on April 30, 2018, surrounded by tables and whiskey.

They transported him to the hospital, but he died in the early hours of May 1.

His relationship with his fiancee, Gemma Ramsay, was under strain.

The couple had ‘intense’ arguments in the month leading up to his suicide this year.

Lisa Vanderpump’s brother took a fatal overdose after sending his fiancee a picture of a table covered with painkiller pills, an inquest heard.

Lisa and Mark in dinner table.
The death of Mark has left Lisa Vanderpump devastated. (Source: PEOPLE)

On the day of Mark’s death, Gemma received several cryptic texts from Mark.

The text said he was going to a better place, and the last text said his figures were getting slower.

She also stated that Mark had previously attempted suicide at Christmas and that a long length of blue rope (tied in a noose) and a ladder were found in his car.

Since the late 1970s, Mark has worked as a businessman, allowing him to obtain property throughout London and other parts of England.

After divorcing his wife, he used his wealth to infiltrate England’s party scene.

The coroner was told that Mark Vanderpump, 59, was going through ‘numerous life stresses’ at the time.

It included divorce, financial pressures, and health problems in his family.

He took his own life after struggling with several intense financial and personal problems.

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