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Does Matt Rife Have Kids With Girlfriend Jessica Lord?

The controversial comedy star Matt Rife is in the news after an online beef with a 6-year-old. The scandal prompted Matt Rife fans to wonder if the actor has any kids. Let’s find out.

Matt Rife is an American comedian and actor popularly known for his self-produced comedy specials.

He was born on September 10, 1995, in Columbus, Ohio, as Matthew Steven Rife.

Despite being born in Columbus, Matt Rife’s later upbringing happened in North Lewisburg.

Matt Rife developed a rather early interest in comedy at an early age of 14 years old.

This was during his time in high school from where he continued to develop his comedy bits.

However, what has caught the attention of many is the personal life of Matt Rife, including his kids.

Does Matt Rife Have Kids With Girlfriend Jessica Lord?

Many fans of Matt Rife have been wondering if he has any kids out of his relationship.

However, they would be left disheartened to know that Matt Rife does not yet have kids.

Some fans even assumed that Matt Rife had kids with Kate Beckinsale.

This assumption turned out false as the couple broke off within two years of their relationship.

Matt sharing a kiss with Jessica during an event
Matt Rife is popular for his crowd work and lightning-fast banter with fans. (Source: Instagram)

Now, some fans have begun a new rumor that Matt Rife may have kids with Jessica Lord.

As of now though, it is quite evident that Matt Rife does not have kids with Jessica Lord.

But given the love that is present between them, it could be possible shortly.

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The Relationship and Love Life Of The Comedian

Matt Rife is currently in a relationship with Jessica Lord who is an actress.

Jessica Lord as of today is 25 years old and is both an actress as well as a dancer.

The exact span of this relationship is not public as it has only been a few months since the two were seen together.

People are curious to know if Matt Rife has kids
Matt Rife plays Flash in the 2018 B-movie’ Black Pumpkin’. (Source: Instagram)

However, this relationship was after Matt Rife’s much-publicized relationship with Kate Beckinsale.

He dated English actress Kate Beckinsale from 2017 to 2018.

Given the public nature of the relationship, there was a lot of media frenzy and attention surrounding the couple.

However, the relationship did not last and later Matt Rife moved on to Jessica Lord.

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Matt Rife’s Clarification On Relationship Status

In a recent interview in the Podcrushed podcast, Matt Rife was heard speaking highly of his girlfriend.

He has also stated to People.com that his girlfriend is important to his infrastructure.

Further, he also added that she wants the couple to spend time together.

He has also gone on to mention that this is something he loves about Jessica Lord.

Matt Rife sharing a black and white picture on his Ig
Matt Rife is the youngest regular male performer at the renowned World Famous Laugh Factory. (Source: Instagram)

The way he speaks about Jessica Lord clearly shows the love that is present.

This has made fans feel curious that this relationship might head towards marriage.

At the moment though there has been no clarification from the couple’s side regarding marriage or children.

Matt Rife personally has never spoken publicly about marriage or kids.

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What Is The Recent Controversy Surrounding Matt Rife?

Matt Rife has recently come under fire for being involved in a controversy with a six-year-old child.

This ironically comes at a time when Matt Rife’s fans have been excited for him to have kids.

Matt taking a picture in a green shirt and cap
Matt Rife sold out all dates for his ProbleMATTic World Tour within 48 hours. (Source: Instagram)

He posted a message that claimed his mother purchased gifts off of profits from OnlyFans.

Subsequently, to add fuel to the fire, Matt Rife inked a fake apology note.

This link was redirected to a website that offered safety helmets for people with disabilities.

After much outrage, Matt Rife deleted the message, which slightly calmed the situation down.

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