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Maya Kowalski Wikipedia, Age: The Girl Behind Take Care Of Maya

The Wikipedia page of Maya Kowalski has become popular among her admirers. They are curious about Maya’s experiences and want to learn more about her history.

In 2023, a Netflix documentary, Take Care of Maya, brought Maya Kowalski into the spotlight.

People all over the world were deeply moved by her story. This documentary, available on Netflix, started many conversations and helped us understand the challenges Maya and her loved ones faced during her illness.

Moreover, the documentary is a powerful way to share Maya’s story and what happened during her battle with the illness.

Likewise, people want to explore Maya Kowalski’s life and information about her age and condition.

Because many people want to know more about Maya Kowalski and her experiences, there’s a growing interest in creating a Wikipedia page just for Maya Kowalski.

Maya Kowalski Wikipedia: How Old Is She? 

Maya Kowalski’s story has gained a lot of attention. But she doesn’t have her own Wikipedia page yet.

However, the documentary about her and her family deeply looks into their lives during this difficult time.

Maya Kowalski was born on December 10, 2005, in St. Petersburg, Florida, United States. As of 2023, Maya is 17 years old.

Maya Kowalski wikipedia
Maya still suffers from symptoms related to her illness. (Source: Twitter)

Additionally, she was born to her parents, Beata Kowalski and Jack Kowalski. Her dad was a firefighter, and her mom worked as a nurse.

Moreover, Maya’s brother, Kyle Kowalski, is also not in the spotlight, keeping him away from Wikipedia.

She’s of Polish descent, speaking both English and Polish. Meanwhile, she’s still a minor and doesn’t have a regular job.

Maya had a normal childhood till she was nine years old.

The heart-touching story after that is said in the Take Care of Maya documentary. It talks about her time in the hospital.

She went to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in 2016 at only ten years old. Unfortunately, she was dealing with a severe and rare disease.

Maya Kowalski mother carrying her
Beata Kowalski was a determined, resilient woman who fought tirelessly for her daughter. (Source: Twitter)

Right now, she shares her story and message through her Instagram profile, posting pictures and videos of herself, her family, and friends.

Meanwhile, Maya’s story aims to make people more aware and spark conversations about the healthcare system. 

Furthermore, it aims to address the need for thorough medical investigations and how rare diseases affect individuals and families.

That’s why people are looking for a Wikipedia page about Maya Kowalski.

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What Happened To Maya Kowalski? Update Of The 2023 Trial

When Maya Kowalski was nine, she started experiencing puzzling symptoms doctors couldn’t explain. Some even thought she was making them up.

Maya suffered from various distressing symptoms, including severe headaches, asthma attacks, lesions on her limbs, and foot cramping.

After a lot of medical tests, her parents suspected she had something called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

In 2015, a doctor named Dr. Anthony Kirkpatrick officially diagnosed her with CRPS.

Likewise, he tried treatments like ketamine infusions and even suggested an experimental procedure called a “ketamine coma” to reset her nervous system.

Maya Kowalski in people cover
Maya Kowalski opens up about her painful medical condition and her mother, Beata Kowalski’s suicide. (Source: Instagram)

Despite some improvement, Maya’s condition got worse. Later, people started thinking her mom, Beata, might be making up for her illness.

They believed in something called Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSP). Because of this, Maya was taken away and put into state custody.

After being separated from her daughter for 87 days, Beata felt like she was being treated like a criminal.

Tragically, Maya’s mother, Beata, took her own life at the age of 43 following the separation from her daughter.

Eventually, Maya was released and now lives with her father and brother in Florida, trying to move forward with her life.

However, the Kowalski family recently won a trial case on November 9, 2023, against the hospital, making them liable for $220 Million for separating the mother and daughter duo.

The court has taken the side of the Maya and Kowalski family, providing justice to the child abuse case.

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