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Megan Abrigo Wikipedia, Age: Meet Daniel Tosh Ex-Girlfriend

Megan Abrigo connection to comedian, writer, and producer Daniel Tosh as his ex-girlfriend has heightened curiosity, resulting in a notable increase in Wikipedia searches about her life. Let’s find out more about her!

Megan Abrigo, an American model, actress, and television personality, began her modeling career at 15, starting as a part-time model.

Additionally, she has appeared in different shows like Deal or No Deal, Face the Ace, Tosh.0, and more.

Moreover, she also earned a spot on People magazine’s “100 Most Beautiful People” list for the year 2006.

Yet, she is most recognized as the ex-girlfriend of comedian and writer Daniel Tosh.

Despite their separation, Megan Abrigo relationship with Daniel Tosh elevated her public profile, evident in heightened interest on her Wikipedia page.

A Sneak Peek on Megan Abrigo Wikipedia: Age And Career

The significant increase in probing Wikipedia for the details of Megan Abrigo results from people’s curiosity about her past and present life.

Regrettably, the absence of a dedicated Wikipedia page for her results in limited available information.

Megan was born on January 27, 1988, in Oahu, Hawaii, and raised in Mililani, making her 35 years old in 2023.

Megan Abrigo Twitter picture.
Born on Oahu, Hawaii, Abrigo began modeling when discovered by a photographer, marking the start of her successful career. (Source: Twitter)

Megan Abrigo began modeling at 15 after being spotted by a photographer, turning a part-time hobby into a passionate pursuit.

Abrigo temporarily halted modeling when she moved to California for college at Loyola Marymount University, showcasing her commitment to education.

Further, after graduating in 2005 with a studio art degree, Abrigo pursued full-time modeling, turning her dream into reality.

Her exotic beauty swiftly garnered attention, leading to opportunities in print, runway, commercials, and hosting within a few months.

This trajectory led Abrigo to become one of the original case models on Deal or No Deal.

Megan Abrigo in a golden dress.
Her natural looks and exotic body helped her gain quick recognition in the industry. (Source: Pinterest)

Additionally, Megan hosted the extreme sports show Dialed In, interviewing riders and actively participating in the sport herself.

She has posed for Maxim, Boost Mobile, Old Navy, Fitness, and Allure magazines and filmed commercials for Spike TV, LA Inc., L’Oreal, and Cover Girl.

Aside from the mentioned details, no further information about Megan’s family is available, indicating a strong preference for privacy.

Despite a mysterious family background, Megan Abrigo captivating career and personal life fuel interest, prompting curiosity about her through Wikipedia.

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Relationship With Daniel Tosh: Megan Abrigo

Megan Abrigo attracts media attention not just for her career but also for her personal life, including her relationship with comedian Daniel Tosh.

Megan in a blue dress and coffee.
Abrigo has also hosted an extreme sports show called “Dialed in”, where she interviewed riders and also tried the sport herself. (Source: Facebook)

Publicly acknowledged since 2009, Megan Abrigo’s relationship with Daniel Tosh had started before, adding depth to their connection.

Additionally, she collaborated with Daniel on Comedy Central’s Tosh.0, contributing on and off-screen in nine episodes from 2009 to 2011.

Megan and Daniel, beyond work, shared vacations and attended red-carpet events, making public appearances as a couple.

They chose to part ways without publicly disclosing the reasons behind their decision, maintaining a private stance on their separation.

megan with a hat.
Abrigo has been in People magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People in May 2006. (Source: Facebook)

Post-breakup, Daniel Tosh married Carly Hallam. Megan Abrigo chose a low-key life, away from the spotlight, maintaining privacy.

Megan Abrigo remains unlinked romantically, concentrating on her career and personal growth, emphasizing independence and self-development.

Despite gaining public recognition for her achievements beyond being a celebrity ex-girlfriend, Megan Abrigo lacks a dedicated Wikipedia page.

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