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Melissa Magee Wikipedia, Age: Bio Of NBC4 Meteorologist

Since Melissa Magee started working as a meteorologist for NBC4, she has made a name in the industry with several achievements under her name; as a result, netizens have been looking for her Wikipedia page.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Melissa Magee is a famous journalist with more than two decades of experience in the field.

Her specialty is known for hosting several shows on the prominent network NBC4.

As of now, she has gained much industry experience, making her a seasoned professional in the field.

Moreover, Magee’s passion for her work shines through the programs she runs on various channels.

Due to her services, the meteorologist has earned tremendous respect and fame.

So, with growing traction, many searches for the Wikipedia of Melissa Magee to learn more about her details.

Melissa Magee Wikipedia: Bio Of NBC4 Meteorologist

Many know Melissa Magee as a reporter who brings weather forecasts to Southern California, but her Wikipedia explores more.

Born on May 6, 1987, Melissa Magee was raised in an Afro-American household.

Her father is a former corporate trainer, and her mother was a seasoned veteran in the television industry with 20th Century Fox.

Magee earned a BA from UCLA, majoring in English with a major in French.

Melissa Magee wearing a pink dress
Magee has worked at NBC for several years. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, she spent a summer in Paris before enrolling at Mississippi State University to study atmospheric sciences and geosciences.

This pushed her closer to her passion as Magee obtained a certificate in broadcast meteorology.

Similarly, she began her career in the media industry in the late 2000s after joining AccuWeather.

While there, Magee covered national and international forecasting before moving to the Fox Television Network.

Later, she enhanced her broadcast skills by being promoted to KBAK-noon TV’s anchor.

Magee reached the peak of her career thanks to her hard work and dedication to the industry.

Meanwhile, since joining NBC4 in 2020, Magee has co-hosted Celebrating Black Excellence, a 30-minute special in honor of Black History Month.

Melissa Magee having lunch
Magee comes from a mixed ethnic background. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the program explored the civil rights movement and racial inequality in the community.

To add to her Wikipedia, Melissa Magee is often featured in NBC4’s public service announcements.

Apart from her professional lifestyle, the journalist believes in being active in the local community.

She often volunteers at nonprofit organizations that foster confidence and success in young women.

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Inspiring Journalist Life: Magee’s Age, First Husband, And Battle With Illness

With the Wikipedia of Melissa Magee, let’s look at her personal life away from the camera.

Magee previously married Ronnie Schlemmer, whom she dated for several years before the ceremony.

Further, the 44-year-old shared a private function at Anthony’s Lake Club in May 2010.

Melissa Magee taking a selfie
Magee enjoys fitness activities, especially yoga. (Source: Instagram)

However, their marriage did not last long as the couple had unspecified problems and decided to divorce after six years.

Following her split, Magee started dating fitness trainer Pery O’ Hearn, owner of Philly Fitness.

Despite their relationship, the meteorologist has not confirmed the news of their marriage.

On the other hand, Magee has been the center of speculation as many questioned her health.

Previously, the reporter left Action News after working with the network for over a decade.

The sudden move made netizens wonder if she had any illness or problems.

Melissa at NBC office
Magee works as an advocate for racial equality. (Source: Instagram)

However, Magee revealed her intention to return to Los Angeles to be closer to her family.

Currently, the journalist has managed to carve her name in the industry with interactive reporting.

Her admirers hope and pray for the successful future of their cheerful meteorologist on NBC4.

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