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Merritt And Style Co-Owner Cristie Taylor son Callahan dies: Cause

Unfortunately, Merritt and Style co-owner Cristie Taylor lost her son Callahan, who dies at a very young age, raising massive concussions on the internet as people seek the cause of death and Obituary.

Cristie Taylor is a businesswoman, social media influencer, blogger, and beauty stylist.

She actively develops her distinctive style in various domains like home décor, beauty, and fashion.

Further, Cristie is well-recognized for her fashion trend website Merritt & Style, which includes products of customer choice.

Moreover, she has crossed 215k followers on her Instagram and actively shares posts with family.

However, being such a successful businesswoman, Merritt and Style co-owner faced a tragic incident this year as her son passed away.

As Merritt and Style co-owner Cristie’s son dies, fans have rushed to discover the cause and provide support at this hard time.

Merritt And Style, Cristie Taylor’s Son Callahan Dies: Cause & Obituary

As Callahan Talyor, the son of Merritt and Style co-owner Cristie Taylor, dies, many are shocked and searching for answers.

The world tries to come to terms with his passing, and questions about the cause of his death have surfaced.

In this article, we delve into the cause of Cristie’s son’s death and explore the circumstances surrounding her untimely demise.

Callahan, son of Cristie Taylor Merritt & Style co-owner, tragically dies in a drowning accident in Frisco, Texas.

The Taylor family has yet to disclose more details about his death in the upcoming days.

According to Cristie, Callahan was such a blessing and brought so much joy to their whole family.

Cristie with her son Callalah, celebrating good fridays.
Callahan Taylor is the sweetest son among the three. (Source: Instagram)

His big brothers adored him, and the loss of their baby boy utterly shattered his parents.

On February 12, 2024, Cristie Taylor publicly made a post on Instagram stating the tragic loss of his son Callahan.

Further, the news outflow caught many’s attention and instantly crossed more than 11k likes.

As the Merritt and Style co-owner’s son, Callahan held the most precious place in her life, connecting followers through social media.

Nevertheless, the loss garnered a huge follower base, and upset and sadness were interim to a graceful obituary.

Amidst the enigma of Merritt and Style, Cristie’s son dies; it is essential to remember Callahan Taylor for the vibrant soul he was.

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Who Is Merritt And Style Co-Owner Cristie Taylor? Bio Details

Hailing from Texas, United States, Cristie Talyor was born in the 1980s.

She is a social media influencer and Merritt & Style lifestyle blog co-owner.

She is married to David Walker and has three children, but sadly, her son Callahan has passed away.

Meanwhile, despite being an active social media influencer, Cristie Taylor hasn’t disclosed further personal details.

Usually, she shares and connects her followers with her family posts and stores and live sessions once a week.

Cristie and her family enjoying holidays together.
Cristie has three sons whom she adores more than her life. (Source: Instagram)

As for Cristie’s professional life, her journey to success is a testament to hard work and dedication.

She and her sister started Merritt & Style in 2016 after owning a clothing boutique for 7 years together right after college.

After enduring numerous life changes, they both reached a pivotal moment.

They recognized the need for a career shift and pursued their long-held aspiration of creating a sister-duo blog.

Moreover, the blog website of Merritt & Style starts with affordable + splurge-worthy faves for your closet, makeup bag, home & travel.

As of 2024, Cristie Taylor’s net worth is more than $1 million per online outlet.

Nonetheless, her unique approach to fashion and style has garnered attention from enthusiasts and the globe’s masses.

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