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Is Michael Che Homophobic? Rumors After Gay Or Woman Rights!

Michael Che has had a longstanding career in comedy, but his journey has not been smooth; some people think his jokes are homophobic. Let’s explore.

Sometimes even the most experienced comedians struggle to find the right balance between humor and not crossing the line.

This has happened numerous times with SNL star Michael Che.

There have been times when Michael has been wrapped around various controversies after his sketch in SNL.

Some of the controversies came after some people started labeling his jokes as homophobic.

However, many people also believe that comedy is subjective and Michael Che may not have intended to be homophobic.

Is Michael Che Homophobic? Criticism Surrounding Caitlyn Jenner Joke And Comedy

Despite many of his fans arguing that Michael Che is not homophobic, other people are pointing out times when the comedian may have crossed the line.

In one of his ‘Weekend Update’ segments on Saturday Night Live, Michael made a joke about Caitlyn Jenner.

Michael Che off screen
Michael Che appears to have a very cool and chill personality outside of his SNL job. (Source: Twitter)

Caitlyn Jenner is a very famous athlete and the father of Kendall and Kylie Jenner who is now a trans woman.

During the joke, he used Caitlyn’s birth name and her old gender pronouns to address her.

This made many people from the LGBTQ community take a stand against Michael on various social media platforms.

Many of those people also accuse Michael Che of being homophobic.

Netizens are even more upset because after the joke, instead of apologizing, Michael went on to make another controversial remark.

Another topic in his routine that created a lot of controversy was about the prisoners controlling the California wildfires.

Michael began by talking about how the nonviolent prisoners were able to contribute to calming down the wildfires.

Michael Che SNL Sketch
Michael Che’s SNL Sketch always trends online after its release because of how funny it is. (Source: Twitter)

However, this was not the part that offended the netizens, it was the ‘prison shower rape’ joke which got on everyone’s nerves.

According to the netizens, the joke was very humiliating for the LGBTQ community because it highlighted the gay stereotypes.

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Michael Che’s Comedy Criticized For The Subjectivity Of Humor

During the routine, Michael Che tried to stop himself from finishing the joke, but fans pointed out that he did not apologize.

Apart from his controversial jokes on SNL, Michael has also been getting a lot of backlash for how he interacts with critics.

However, none of these incidences prove that Michael Che is a homophobic.

It is because comedy is indeed a topic that can be very subjective.

Michael Che homophobic
Michael Che has many times told his fans about his willingness to leave SNL, which none of his fans want him to do. (Source: Twitter)

With that saying, a big star like Michael Che must be a bit more mindful about his jokes.

SNL is a very big platform with a wide range of audiences from all over the world.

Not only adults but the sketches on SNL are viewed by people of all ages, races, and communities.

While one can argue that people should be able to take a joke sometimes it’s okay for people to expect less offensive jokes from their favorite comedians.

Let’s hope that in the future, there will be less of these controversies and more of a humor.

Michael Che is an amazing artist and he has made it known through his years of work in comedy.

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