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Is Michael Voris Gay? Rumor Circulates After He Hand Resignation

As the past life of Michael Voris has resurfaced, the question of him being gay is also reemerging. Let’s find out the truth.

Michael Voris is a famous American Catholic author and St. Michael’s Media president.

St. Michael’s Media is a Christian right-wing outlet that Michael Voris founded.

The focus of this organization was to produce news for the website Church Militant.

Church Militant is a renowned website amongst right-wing-leaning individuals.

And now, with Michael Voris’ shocking exit confirmed via news release, fans are worried about the website’s future.

Moreover, they are waiting to find a credible source to confirm the news of whether Michael Voris is gay.

Is Michael Voris Gay? Rumor Circulates After He Hands Resignation

Michael Voris and his exit has now sparked rumors that this could be due to him being gay.

In November 2023, Michael Voris resigned because he breached the Church Militant morality clause.

One of the primary reasons for this rumor of Michael Voris being gay has come through as his resignation is unclear.

The news release from St. Michael’s Media stated that Michael had been asked to resign.

Michael Voris getting ready to go live on church militant
In 1989, Michael Voris became a news reporter and producer for a Fox affiliate in Detroit. (Source: Instagram)

The reason mentioned within the news release is that he breached the Church Militant morality clause.

After Michael Voris’ resignation, the St. Michael’s Media board accepted the resignation.

One major cryptic statement within the release clause is that it hinted it had something to do with his private matter.

Nevertheless, the news release partly reads the board has chosen not to disclose his private matters to the public.

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Reason Behind Michael Voris’s Cryptic Resignation

The reason for Michael Voris’s resignation within the press release can be considered very cryptic.

Given that it states it could be due to Michael Voris’ private life, many wondered if it had anything to do with him being gay.

The further shocking part is that Michael Voris was the one to found the group in 2006.

So, it is pretty evident that there must have been something major to trigger this resignation.

Michael Voris having discussion on Bp Schneider's comment with Michael Lofton
Michael Voris was a television anchor, producer, and reporter for various CBS affiliates. (Source: Instagram)

The direct link most people are making is to Michael Voris’ previous opening up about being gay.

Further, despite being a right-wing Christian, Michael Voris not having a wife does not help either.

For most American Christians, having a wife and children is suitable for public image.

However, this aspect of having a wife and family is missing in Michael Voris’s case.

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Michael Voris: Relationships and Sexual Preference

Michael Voris is now 62 years old, born on 20th August 1961.

Despite his age, though, Michael Voris remains unmarried. There have been many rumors circulating about the same.

On a personal note, Michael Voris confessed that in his thirties, he was in live-in relationships with homosexual men.

Further, he was open about having frequent sexual liaisons with both adult men and adult women in his twenties.

The news of Michael Voris is gay has been trending.
Michael Voris won four Regional Emmy Awards for Fox affiliate production. (Source: Twitter)

Some believe that he is already in a marital relationship. Some consider his being gay as what is preventing him from marriage.

However, verified news sources and portals state that Michael Voris is unmarried. He also does not have any kids either.

One rumor of his marriage could be due to a news article from 2008.

In this article, it talks about Michael Voris’s marriage. However, this Michael Voris is someone else entirely and goes by the name Michael Coerte Voris.

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Michael Voris: Open Acceptance and Hypocrisy

Considering that the resignation is rather recent, people have started searching for Michael Voris’ gay rumors.

The rumors, however, can quickly be confirmed as Michael Voris himself, in an interview, stated he recognizes himself as ex-gay.

Back in 2016, Michael Voris had revealed that he lived a life of live-in relationships with gay men.

However, after finding St. Michael’s media, he diverted his vision toward the opposite end.

Michael sharing a picture of him with Seth Dillon
Michael Voris is famous for taking controversial stances. (Source: Twitter)

He even stated that he now despises all these sins, considering this was a reversion to the faith.

Despite this strong Christian faith, Michael Voris never chose to have a wife or a family.

Further, the media outlet that Michael Voris founded regularly criticized the gay community.

Many people considered this to be very hypocritical of Michael Voris, who himself is gay.

The fact that Michael Voris himself is recognized as an ex-gay and does not have a wife only fuels the left-wing theorists.

The primary indication of the left wing is that Michael Voris is a hypocritical thinker.

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