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Mike Vallely Fight Video Trends Again: Full Story Explained!

Everyone remembers the famous fight video of Mike Vallely, and it is trending all over the internet again. He has said a few things about the incident. So, let us explore.

Mike Valley is a famous American skateboarder and musician from Edison, New Jersey.

Since childhood, he has been very much into various sports like basketball.

However, Mike found his true calling in 1984, and it was for skateboarding.

His career as a professional skateboarder began after a famous skateboarder, Neil Blender, discovered him.

Neil saw Mike practicing in a car park and was very impressed with his skills.

This led Neil to offer Mike a sponsorship deal with Powell-Peralta Skateboards, and ever since then, his career has been taking off.

However, Mike Vallely is currently in the news not for his skateboarding skills but for a fight video surfacing the internet.

Mike Vallely Fight Video: Parking Lot Confrontation Goes Viral

Skateboarding has always been a sport that many people often look down upon.

There is a stereotype that skateboarders are rebellious troublemakers.

Mike Valley Skating
Mike Valley’s skills are impressive, and he has some insane talents. (Source: Twitter)

Unfortunately, Mike Vallely had his encounter with bullies who believed in those stereotypes.

He was on a tour related to skateboarding, which was called the Tony Hawk’s Gigantic Skatepark Tour in Seattle.

Mike was returning from a Seven-Eleven at 2 am.

There, he saw four guys in the parking lot of his hotel, and they started saying mean things to him.

Mike had it in his mind that while he was on the tour, he would act very professionally.

It was because he wanted to make a good impression on the other people on the tour.

A few things about Mike in the skateboarding community were already surfacing, which wasn’t all nice to hear about.

Mike Vallely fight video
The fight video of Mike Vallely is all over the internet, and some fans are even making edits out of it. (Source: Twitter)

However, the four men in the parking lot were crossing their lines. Mike Vallely could not control them and was ready to fight them.

He started with a shove on those men, which led to him opening his shirt.

The situation got even worse, and suddenly, Mike was punching the men, and the men were also fighting back.

Before the fight went terrible, one of the four guys tried to calm the situation down.

We do not know what happened after that because the Mike Vallely fight video ends there.

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Mike Vallely’s Redemption: From Night of Worry to Skateboarding Hero

In an interview, Mike recalls that he was very worried after the fight and had realizations as soon as he went to his hotel room.

He says that he could not even sleep that night.

Further, he did not want to prove the rumors about him right, but the fight may have created a way for more rumors to come through.

Mike Valley singer
One of the reasons Mike is so famous is his work as a musician. (Source: Twitter)

Later, the fight video went viral instantly, and it turns out he was worrying for nothing.

Mike says Tony Hawk was waiting for him in the lobby the following morning after the fight.

Tony had seen the video, and he said to Mike,

That’s the greatest video I have ever seen.

All of the other people in the hotel were also very proud of him.

They were happy that finally, someone shut down the bullies who talked negatively about the skaters.

The incident has been extraordinary for Mike’s reputation in the skateboard world.

Even years after the fight, the video is still trending online, and fans are going wild over how courageous Mike Vallely was.

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