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Milindayo Sword Guy: Story Of Human Pincushion Real Or Fake?

The world was left in shock when Milindayo, the sword guy, took a sword on his stomach without being hurt or any other injury. Up until this day, many questions are there about whether the act was real or fake. Let’s explore.

Milindayo, whose real name is Arnold Gerrit Henskes, is not the usual person in the limelight.

Further, his stage name is Milin Dajo, but netizens know him by Milindayo’s name.

Milindayo was known as the Human Pincushion, who has left many people wondering about reality and imagination.

It has been years since Milindayo, or the Human Pincushion, has been in the news for his extraordinary talent.

Originally from Switzerland, Milindayo, the Sword Guy, is now popular worldwide.

Milindayo Sword Guy: Trinity’s Sword Act That Left Audience In Shock

The sword guy Milindayo saw his initial fame after being part of a performance group called Trinity.

The group had other famous members, like hypnotist Hylke Otter and assistant Johann de Groot.

Milindayo sword
Milindayo, even after many years of his death, still remains a mystery. (Source: Twitter)

Audiences who witnessed the performance by the group Trinity were left in shock and confusion.

Johann de Groot, who was a member of the group, would put a sword through Milindayo’s abdomen.

Naturally, a person would collapse or even die after receiving a sword in their stomach, but Milindayo was fine after the act.

Not only was he fine and completely healthy, but Milindayo, the sword guy, normally walked around the stage with the sword still inside his abdomen.

This abnormal act and performance were so shocking for the audiences that some were fainting, and some even had a heart attack.

Milindayo stage
Milindayo’s stage performance is unique, and no one knows how he did it. (Source: Twitter)

After this insane reaction from the audience, the Swiss officials decided to revoke the group’s public performance.

After the act’s popularity, various other Swiss medical facilities invited Milindayo and the group for an investigation.

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Milindayo’s Unbelievable Sword Act Raises Questions of Reality And Higher Consciousness

What was even more shocking was that the investigation suggested that the 28-inch sword did go through Milindayo’s body.

The X-ray report also shows that it was not a trick but a real act Milindayo performed onstage.

The experts found out that Milindayo’s practices were similar to various other Sufi practitioners.

However, in the case of Milindayo, the sword was going through areas of his body that were extremely unsafe.

A hypothesis suggests that Milindayo was able to receive the sword on his body because of his higher consciousness.

Milindayo was living a life of fame and success after his unimaginable abilities, but it ended.

Milindayo Sword Guy
The sword is as real as the performance of Milindayo. (Source: Twitter)

In the year 1948, Milindayo decided to swallow a 35-centimeter metal splinter.

This time, Milindayo was not lucky enough, eventually leading him to die.

This splinter went through his sensitive organs, causing internal bleeding.

It is still shocking that Milindayo was constantly on the stage receiving swords on his body, being completely fine.

However, no one up until now can verify whether all of his acts were real or fake.

His final act that led to his death does give some sort of clarification about them being real, but we cannot say for sure.

Regardless, Milindayo, the sword guy, is indeed someone who was able to shock the world with his insane capabilities.

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