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One Piece: Is Millie Brady Nico Robin Live Action? Official Or Rumor!

After the blockbuster success of One Piece, Netflix confirmed its second season, and fans could not help but wonder if Millie Brady will give a face to live-action Nico Robin.

Born on December 24, 1993, in Bracknell, England, Millie Brady is a name that has been making waves in both the acting and modeling scenes.

Determined to make her dreams a reality, she ventured into modeling during her teenage years to save up for her big move to London.

Millie’s television debut took place in the beloved ITV series Mr Selfridge.

However, her role as Mary Bennet in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies truly showcased her acting skills.

Is It Official that Millie Brady Playing Nico Robin? One Piece Live Action

Millie is in talks right now regarding her potential entry at the popular Netflix series One Piece as the character Nico Robin.

The makers have made it clear that the character Nico Robin would only appear in the show’s second season.

Robin, aka Devil’s Child, is one of the characters who appears later in the original anime series, too.

Millie Brady Nico Robin
Millie Brady does Reasembles Nico Robin a lot. (Source: Instagram)

Nico Robin, also known as the Light of the Revolution, is an important member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

She’s the only person known to have survived the destruction of Ohara, an island in the West Blue.

Nico played a significant role as a secondary antagonist during the Arabasta Saga before changing sides and becoming a member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

So, the role is important for the Netflix One Piece live-action series.

Devils Child from Ohara
Nico Robin looks fierce in one of the episodes of ‘One Piece’ Anime.

Now, talking about the rumors of Millie Brady playing Nico Robin,

There has been no official announcement from Netflix or the production teams. Further, it turns out that Millie Brady name came to light for Nico Robin after fan voting.

But looking at how excellent the season one cast was, there is a chance makers will not let go of how similar Millie Brady looks to Nico Robin.

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Official Or Rumor: What Do Fans Have to Say about the Potential Casting

As there is no official announcement, we cannot say or be sure if these are just rumors or if they have some truth.

However, the speculations initially started as fans deemed actress Millie Brady the perfect fit for the role of Nico Robin.

In a Reddit subreddit, a person made a post asking other fans for their opinion about Mille as Nico.

To which many replied, saying appearance-wise, Millie does look like Nico.

Millie Brady
Now we see why fans were raving about their similar appearance. (Source: Instagram)

Some fans hesitated, as Nico is older than Nami in the anime. But in real life, the actress who plays the live-action Nami is Older than Millie.

“But for a character like Robin, who’s supposed to be 29, to be played by someone who is 25 isn’t a problem at all.” another Redditor adds.

Nevertheless, the age factor is a big differentiator for fans regarding the best fit for roles.

They think that it is also evident that Robin has seen more of the world. And has more knowledge and experience than the others.

This shows the way she acts and how others see her. They do not think a younger actress could portray that correctly on screen.

Millie might be a bit pale for the role of Robin
Millie might be a bit pale for the role of Nico Robin (Source: Instagram)

Her age is not the only factor causing hesitations among the fans.

In the anime, the character Nico appears to be tan, which shows that her character comes from a Russian background.

But Millie, on the other hand, does not have that. But supporters of Millie Brady, as Nico Robin added,

I don’t think the whole “she’s supposed to be Russian thing” matters. Taz Skylar isn’t French, Inaki Godoy isn’t Brazilian, Emily Rudd isn’t Swedish, and Jacob Gibson isn’t African.

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  1. I think Anya Chalotra is more deserving for the role. I don’t know why Oda said Robin is Russian but Robin looks a lot more Indian before time-skip.

  2. In my opinion Yael Aris is perfect for the role looks wise, she also has this intriguing aura that makes her the perfect Robin


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