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Milly Alcock Teeth: Did She Get Braces After HOTD?

The Australian actress Milly Alcock has faced many backlashes for her teeth as people said her teeth make her look weird, but now, people are speculating if she got braces after House Of The Dragon. So, what’s the case? Let’s explore.

Milly Alcock is a famous Australian actress born in 2000 on April 11. 

She has appeared in famous series like House of Dragons, A Game of Thrones prequel, and Fire and Blood. 

Throughout the years, Milly Alcock has built a solid fan base. People love how she brings out emotions through her acting to her characters. 

However, like many other famous people in Hollywood, Milly Alcock is often in the headlines for many other reasons besides her acting. 

She has been the talk of the town for her unique look and features, particularly for her pointy teeth, but it seems like she has done something with them. 

So, many fans of Milly Alcock are wondering if she had gotten braces to fix the look of her teeth after HOTD.

Milly Alcock Teeth: Does It Make Her Insecure? 

Talking about the teeth of Milly Alcock is one of the features that stands out about her. 

It somehow gives her a unique and captivating look that separates her from other young actresses in Hollywood.

Some people think that her teeth make her look even younger than she is. 

Milly Alcock posing glamorously for a camera
Milly Alcock seems like she has the thick skin to be a part of Hollywood as a celebrity. (Source: Twitter)

As an actress, it has never been a problem for her, nor does it appear that Milly Alcock is insecure about it. 

However, sadly, some people write about it very demeaningly. There are always one or two comments on her Instagram posts where someone criticizes her teeth.

These things give us a small glimpse into the lives of famous people in Hollywood. 

They may live a life filled with glitz and glamour, but they also face ridiculous criticisms about their looks daily. 

Milly Alcock in a princess look
Milly Alcock excelled at her role in HOD; people look forward to her future projects. (Source: Twitter)

Needless to say, it is not anyone’s business to criticize Milly Alcock’s looks due to her not-so-straight teeth.

However, people are now curious whether she got braces after getting intimidated by the comments. 

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Milly Alcock’s Natural Beauty: Addressing Speculation on Dental Changes

Milly Alcock has not stated about getting braces or doing anything else to change how her teeth look. 

Her recent interviews and pictures also do not suggest that she has had any procedures done. 

Maybe with her age, her facial features are also evolving and changing. The change in her other facial features may have made her teeth less prominent than they used to be. 

Milly Alcock posing with her hand folded
Milly Alcock is set to play the supergirl for her next Hollywood project. (Source: Twitter)

Regardless of all this, she looked absolutely beautiful before and is still one of the most good-looking actresses in Hollywood right now.

It is high time people start looking more into her acting than her looks.

There is no definition of what perfect-looking teeth should be like. Every individual has their unique features, and so does Milly Alcock.

However, her teeth look gorgeous. There is no doubt that Milly Alcock has a gorgeous smile.

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