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Mitch Jones Mizkif Video: What Actually Happened? Full Story

With the ongoing viral video of the fight between Mitch Jones and Mizkif, the viewers eagerly await the actual truth behind the incident. So, what the dispute was about? Let’s explore.

Mitch Jones and Mizkif are two famous internet personalities known for sharing online content.

Born on July 23, 1992, Mitch Jones is an American Twitch streamer and musician.

On the other hand, Mizkif is also a content creator and the co-founder of the gaming organization One True King.

Meanwhile, Mitch holds a subscriber base of around 119k on YouTube, and Mizkif has around 973k subscribers.

With some interesting content related to gaming and fun streams, both of them have established themselves in the online space.

Both having a career in similar fields, Mitch and Mizkif have been friends since the start of their careers.

However, a recent video from Mitch Jones and Mizkif probably changed their relationship forever.

And with the context of the video going online, a major debate among the fans has started on social media platforms like Twitter and Redditt.

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Mitch Jones Mizkif Viral Video Explained!

A video showcasing Mitch Jones and Mizkif fighting has recently started circulating in the digital space.

Following the video, fans are curious about what happened and searching for answers.

Clip of Mitch Jones And Miz kif fight video
According to Mizkif in the video, Mitch was the one who started the fight. (Source: Twitter)

Before jumping to a conclusion, first, let’s understand the context of the video released by Mitch.

The video of Mitch Jones getting bet up by fellow streamer Mizkif initially came across YouTube on February 6, 2024.

Mitch took it to his YouTube channel to share the video during a live stream explaining everything based on his perspective.

The video taken from the entry door of a house showcased Mizkif physically assaulting Mitch in the middle of a road.

In the video, Mitch is actively getting busted and arguing against aggressive Mizkif while sitting on the road.

Further, while presenting the video, Mitch also showcased all the bruises and scars he received from the incident while allegedly accusing Mizkif of physical assault.

And as soon as the video made its way to social media, it instantly captured widespread viewership.

After that, fans have started to argue based on the allegations made by Mitch and are actively seeking further details.

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What Happened Between Mitch And Mizkif? Full Story Of The Incident!

The allegations made by Mitch Jones on Mizkif have turned out to be a major topic of interest for a worldwide audience.

Based on Mitch’s perspective in the video, numerous controversies have arisen among the streaming community.

Mizkif captured during a live stream.
Mizkif has not released any statement on the video. (Source: Twitter)

According to him, Mizkif knocked him out cold and assaulted him,m which resulted in lasting physical issues.

He said the doctors told him he might need surgery on one of his arteries and that he had a concussion from the incident.

Further, he added a series of clips showcasing his injuries caused by the alleged assault.

Among these clips, one of them showed deep bruises around Mitch’s neck caused by choking.

Additionally, Mitch also showed the doctor’s note in the video as evidence of the incident that occurred on September 26, 2023. 

Though he alleged Mizkif of assault, Mitch didn’t share total footage of the incident; instead, he showcased some clips.

Meanwhile, Mizkif has not made any statement regarding the incident and continues to ignore it.

Mitch Jones captured in black t-shirt.
Mitch Jones’s allegations about Mizkif are still to be proven. (Source: Facebook)

Due to him not addressing the public, many think that the allegations about him made by Mihim are true.

However, based on the perspective of the single party involved in the incident, we cannot conclude whose fault it is. 

The truth behind the incident will remain a mystery unless Mizkif comes across to address the video.

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