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Mitch Jones Mizkif Fight, Drama: Did Latter Actually Assault Him?

The drama between Mizkif and Mitch Jones is getting increasingly intense, as their fight video is trending all over the Internet. Fans question the assault allegations after reviewing the CCTV footage.

Mizkif and Mitch Jones are two very popular streamers on Twitch.

They share a similar fan base and were extremely good friends before a recent fight.

Mitch Jones has shared a video of a CCTV footage where the two can be seen arguing.

He alleges that Mizkif had hit him during one of the altercations, which left him with a trauma.

He says that the situation has been affecting him for months, not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well.

Mitch also alleges that the altercation with Mizkif has damaged his entire life and career.

However, other people are arguing if Mizkif assaulted Mitch Jones during the fight.

Violent Fight Between Mizkif And Mitch Jones: Allegations Of Assault And Broken Teeth 

The Internet learned about the fight between Mizkif and Mitch Jones after Mitch Jones posted on his YouTube.

In the YouTube video, he says that Mizkif had hit him so severely that he now has to get surgery on one of his arteries.

Mitch Jones
Mitch Jones wants the Internet to know what he has been through in the past months. (Source: Twitter)

He goes on to add that he still has a concussion from the fight with Mizkif.

As the video progresses, he shows CCTV footage of a street as evidence of the fight.

Mitch Jones says that he was with Mizkif in his house and they started arguing, after that he asked him for a ride home.

They get into the car while still arguing, and suddenly, they are seen outside of it on a street in the CCTV footage.

In the footage, Mizkif and Mitch Jones are shouting at each other during their fight.

Mizkif shouts at him, calling him trash, and asks Mitch Jones if he wants him to ‘do it again.’

Mizkif Fight
The CCTV footage is all over the Internet right now, and people have many things to say about it. (Source: Twitter)

He goes on to say, “You are drunk and on cocaine I tried talking to you as a friend and you’re treating me like shit.”

Then Mitch Jones goes on to accuse Mizkif of breaking his teeth.

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Did Mizkif Assault Mitch Jones? Fans Skeptical As Missing CCTV Footage Raises Questions

During the video, Mizkif mentions that Mitch Jones was the one who initiated the fight by telling him to get out of the car.

This is also why the viewers hesitate to believe Mitch Jones fully.

Another reason is that Mitch Jones intentionally cut some of the parts of this CCTV footage.

Mizkif Fight with Mitch Jones
Mizkif and Mitch’s fans are sad that they will probably never see them together again. (Source: Twitter)

The fans speculate that he may have tried to hide some parts of the fight to show himself in a good light.

According to Mitch Jones, the event occurred on September 26th, 2023.

He had been hiding it out of respect for Mizkif.

However, he says that he had to come forward with the details about the fight after Mizkif went on to lie on his two streams.

Meanwhile, Mizkif has not given any statement as of yet about the fight or the allegations.

Also, fans have yet to learn more about the fight from his perspective.

They do not want to go to any conclusions before hearing the story from both sides.

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