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Is Movsum Samadov The Man Terrorizing Texas Border?

Movsum Samadov is a theologian, a doctor, a political figure, and a convicted terrorist, is he the person in the viral border video? Let’s explore.

He was born in the year 1966 on September 4 in Quba, Azerbaijani, SSR.

Movsum served as a medical service Lieutenant in the Azerbaijan armed forces.

He has also worked as a chief doctor in the Digah village of the Guba district for two years.

His political career began in the early 90s as a member of the People’s Front of Azerbaijan.

After being involved in politics for a while, he became the elected chairman of the Guba branch of the Islamic Party of Azerbaijan in 2007.

Movsum’s political career came to a pause when he got arrested in the year 2011 for various charges, some suggesting terrorism. 

He is currently trending for an alleged encounter with a media person in the southern borders of the USA.

Is Movsum Samadov The Man In The Viral Video?

We all know about the political disputes regarding constructing the border walls in Texas.

Some political parties in the USA suggest that it is for the best of the country while others argue that it is not necessary.

Alleged terrorist in US border
The incident has once again shed light on the border wall disputes. (Source: Twitter)

Joe Biden, the current president of America, is one of those politicians who had promised everyone that no walls would be built on the southern border.

However, he could not do much about it as he had no control over the project.

The Congress party had already approved the money for the construction in the year 2019.

Joe Biden did try to utilize the money for other projects in the country but the law and the Congress party did not agree.

It was because the money was particularly set aside to use for the construction of the border walls.

Currently, the border wall dispute is once again on the rise.

A media person had a confrontation with a man on the southern border.

Initially, no one knew who the man on the video was until many news companies came forward saying that he was Movsum Samadov.

There has not yet been an official confirmation of whether it is Movsum or not. But everyone on the internet believes it to be true.

Movsum Samadov border
Movsum Samadov is a very mysterious man, and no one truly knows what he looks like right now. (Source: Twitter)

Many other pictures are also surfacing on the internet disclosing the ‘real’ Movsum Samadov.

The picture shows what Movsum Samadov looks like now and suggests that the man in the border video is not him.

The internet is in big confusion regarding the whole situation.

Movsum Samadov Crosses US Southern Border?: Safety Concerns Rise

Whether it was Movsum Samadov or not everyone is in shock after hearing what the man in the border video had to say.

He said, “Soon you will know who I am,” many people are taking his statement as a threat.

Movsum Samadov in US borders
The US border has been a very sensitive topic in the political arena, and the citizens want a proper solution. (Source: Twitter)

After learning that it could be Movsum Samadov, many people are now wondering how safe it is to keep the southern border open.

He had just come out of prison after serving 12 years for many charges.

Some of the charges include arms trafficking, illicit use of weaponry, criminal premeditation, conspiracy terrorism, etc.

Many people are seeking answers from politicians, including Joe Biden, about their take on the incident.

They want to know what the politicians have to say about the safety of the people living on the border.

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