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Deku Is Quirkless? My Hero Academia 413 Spoilers, Leaks

My Hero Academia is currently on a break after the release of chapter 412 and fans cannot wait for the release of the upcoming chapter 413. We have got some spoilers. Is Deku Quirkless?

In chapter 412, we saw how Deku used his Black Whip to expand his muscles.

Not only Shigaraki but all the readers of the manga series had great things to say about his attack.

The multiple Black whips were quite impressive, along with his use of Fa Jin and wind pressure.

At the end of chapter 412, All Might gave One for All to Deku.

This has left everyone wondering what will take place in the upcoming chapter 413 of My Hero Academia.

Chapter 413 of My Hero Academia: All Might’s Puzzling Flashback

Chapter 413 of My Hero Academia is titled ‘Lump of Lead.’

According to various spoilers online, the chapter begins with a flashback.

MHA leaks 413
My Hero Academia is getting more and more interesting as the chapter progresses. (Source: Twitter)

In the flashback, a sad child is sitting alone while Star is in her final moments in the AFO vestiges.

Suddenly, All Might wakes up and Edgeshot tells him to stay awake so he doesn’t die.

This makes All Might confused and he remembers how similar the situation is to when he was in hospital with Deku after the war.

He asks his friends, “Is One For All Becoming Frayed?”

The chapter then leads us back to Shigaraki who is also in big confusion about his flashback and why he had a vision of Star.

Kudou then explains that the lump inside Shigaraki’s head holds all the anger, frustration, and memories of the past.

After clearing out the confusion of Shiragaki, they are back to the fight mode.

They realize that currently, Tomura is too strong to be defeated.

So the only way they can finish him is from the inside.

My Hero Academia 413
My Hero Academia fans are thrilled with the recent spoilers, they can’t wait for the official release of chapter 413. (Source: Twitter)

They figure out that there is a crack inside and transferring One For All to Shigaraki will increase the size of the crack until it finally breaks.

If they can break the crack, they can reach his consciousness directly.

My Hero Academia 413: Deku Changes Everything!

However, after hearing the plan En suggests against it because he thinks that it will only make Tomura stronger.

Kudou then says he will go first as they know it’s possible to transfer only part of the power.

But En disagrees and says that if someone has to go, it has to be him.

He thinks that it is for the best as Smokescreen is not working properly right now.

My Hero Academia leaks 413
Chapter 413 will come out soon on various platforms online. (Source: Twitter)

En continues to say that if Shigaraki uses the gearshift, it will take a negative turn for all of them.

Kudou is confident that he can not use Gearshift anymore as it will cause great exhaustion.

Bruce also disagrees but Kudou says they have to believe in Deku now.

The scene is again switched to the flashback, and every one, along with All Might, Deku, and Nana, talks about Deku’s hesitation.

Shigaraki is annoyed and Kudou shouts and says the rest is up to Deku. Deku says he is ready.

Then a huge wave of black whips comes out of nowhere tearing Shigaraki’s arm off.

At the end of chapter 413 of My Hero Academia, Deku is quirkless and has black whips all over his body.

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