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AFO Finally Makes A Move?! My Hero Academia Chapter 408 Leaks Spoilers

With the latest chapter release, MHA fans are left in awe of the interesting turn of events. And now fans are more curious to know My Hero Academia Chapter 408 to know what awaits.

Debuting on July 7, 2014, Kohei Horikoshi is the author of My Hero Academia, with the manga over 39 volumes as of 2023.

Started with a story in which eight percent of the population has gained a superpower called Quirks.

Out of all the characters, the main character, Izuku Midoriya, wants to become a hero and has no Quriks.

His dream is to become a pro hero like All Might. And as the story goes by, he becomes the successor of his idol, Hero All Might.

And now, the fans are curious and looking for the new My Hero Academia Chapter 408 spoilers to solve the cliffhanger of the previous chapter.

When Will My Hero Academia Chapter 408 Gonna Release?

As the story has more to tell, readers are more curious to know about chapter 408. 

The story of this chapter begins in the My Hero Academia Chapter 407, when a mother gives birth to two kids.

The young one’s name was Yoichi, and his twin brother had inherited the ability of All for One.

Further, the Big Brother of Yoichi is none other than Tomura Shigaraki.

Yoichi shigaraki and his twin brother Tomura shigaraki
The childhood of Yoichi Shigaraki and Tomura Shigaraki when Tomura inherited the power All For One. (Source: Instagram)

After a few years, some people were exploring the area that was in ruins when the orphans encountered Tomura. 

As they were expressing their sympathy to that child, he killed all of them with his power.

This was the start of the thought where he told Yoichi that he wanted to create a world where everyone would for his sake.

The chapter ends with the blood of a person holding the hand of a person.

A suspenseful and devastating conclusion awaits, which will be released on Sunday, December 3, 2023.

However, fans wanted to explore the My Hero Academia Chapter 408 leaks more. 

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What Awaits On My Hero Academia Chapter 408?

In the latest installment of My Hero Academia, chapter 407 hints at the awakening of All For One (AFO), intensifying the allure of this anime and manga.

The anticipation grows as a clash between heroes and villains looms, with speculation suggesting an unfolding saga spanning over six chapters.

Fans, having waited years for the resolution of All For One, brace for the culmination of this long-standing narrative.

Chapter 408 is poised to unveil the Quirk transfer for One For All. And it adds another layer of suspense to the unfolding events.

Yoichi Shigaraki twin brother Tomura Shigaraki talking about killing people.
Yoichi Shigaraki’s twin brother, Tomura Shigaraki, starts Tomura’s evil thought that everyone will work for him and only him. (Source: Instagram)

In Chapter 407, the successor of All For One demonstrated the ability to steal others’ powers, including that of Yoichi’s idol hero.

Despite the sinister actions and numerous deaths, Yoichi remains hopeful, believing there might be some goodness within the successor.

Despite his unfriendly relationship with his brother, someone raised Yoichi with care.

However, at the end of the chapter, Yoichi seems to be running with Kudo, the second user of One For All.

The Hand of a unknown man.
The end of My Hero Academia chapter 407 is with the mysterious person holding the hand and leaving a severed arm. (Source: Instagram)

The last panel shows only a severed hand. It might show that All For One is thinking about how it wasn’t him who reached out to Yoichi.

Moreover, it was Kudo, the second user of One For All. Furthermore, the severed hand at the end of the chapter is a mystery to every manga reader. 

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