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Bakugo Unlocks God Mode?! My Hero Academia Chapter 409 Spoilers, Leaks

My Hero Academia, often regarded as one of the top contenders for the title of best anime, has a new twist to offer in Chapter 409, making readers search for more, about what has happened in the chapter. 

On July 7, 2014, Mangaka Kohei Horikoshi started publishing this anime in the weekly Shonen Jump.

2 years later, on April 3, 2016, the manga was then released as an anime in different Japanese TV Networks.

The plot of the show is all about Quirks and characters fighting villains to save people.

One of the main characters, Bakugo has now made the headlines for forming a bond with Midoriya. 

People are curious about when My Hero Academia Chapter 409 will be on the internet because of the suspense Chapter 408 created.

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What Happens in The My Hero Academia Chapter 408?

The creator of My Hero Academia, Kohei Horikoshi has left more people in suspense in chapter 408.

However, chapter 408 answers most of the questions about the severed hand at the end.

At the moment, AFO killed his brother after he escaped from the AFO with the second user Kudo and Bruce.

Both of them are the second and third users of All For One.

All For One Looking at his brother hand.
The Hand of All For One Looking at his brother which was the only part left when he battled with him. (Source: YouTube)

Furthermore, after AFO sent his brother to oblivion leaving blood splatter everywhere, he locked his eyes with Kudo.

This was the end of the first part of the story.

In the next stage, the science cuts to the city skyline apartment where All For One looking at the severed hand of his brother.

Time files in the past when Kudo and Bruce were experimenting at that time he didn’t have any marks on his face. 

After that, he battles with AFO where he learns that he has two quirks.

The story got a turn when Kudo fought with All Might and killed him at the moment. 

The final form of All for one.
The fight of All For One and Bakugo’s final battle started at 408. (Source: YouTube)

However, Doctor Kyudai saved his body. Following the event he fights with Bakugo with full power.

The chapter has answered many questions but has left the reader hanging on to the last fight.

This has left the people eager about what awaits in My Hero Academia Chapter 409. 

The My Hero Academia Chapter 409 Spoilers And Leaks

As the previous chapter 408 has created suspense in the final fight between Bakugo and All For One.

People are excited to knonw about what awaits in the My Hero Academia Chapter 409. 

Chapter 409, titled Quirk Explosion is going to be released on Monday.

The chapter will open with a flashback of the Bakugo. However, at present, All For One Launched his attack on him. 

There is not much information about his upcoming fight. The vestige world contains the Hawk Quirk vestige.

The upcoming chapter, My Hero Academia Chapter 409, will primarily focus on All Might, Mitsuki, Masaru, and Yoichi witnessing the final battle.

Katsuji Bakugo
The next chapter of My Hero Academia chapter 409 is about the battle of Katsuji Bakugo and AFO. (Source: YouTube)

The My Hero Academia Chapter 409 Spoilers revealed the end of the fight between Katsuji Bakugo and the All For One user.

With all this, it seems that All For One will finally be defeated. The last scene of chapter 408 ends with the All for One final attack. 

Also, Bakugo standing to block that power saying that AFO is stupid. 

However, My Hero Academia fans must wait for Chapter 409 to receive answers to their questions.

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