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My Norwegian Holiday Wikipedia: Review, Summary, Hallmark Cast

The holidays are incomplete without an enchanting Christmas movie, and Hallmark has come in the clutch. With its My Norwegian Holiday, Hallmark ignites viewers’ curiosity in its Wikipedia and other details.

My Norwegian Holiday takes us on a trip to the icy city of Bergen after an unexpected meeting.

The plot follows Jessica Johnson, JJ, and Henrik as they navigate their careers and challenges.

Further, the movie is part of Countdown to Christmas, which showcases the festival from a different cultural lens.

With the story crafted by Besty Morris, the dreamy movie has taken over the season.

Now, with the Wikipedia of My Norwegian Holiday, let’s explore the plot summary and the cast behind the characters.

My Norwegian Holiday Wikipedia: A Troll Figurine Spurs An European Adventure

At the beginning of Wikipedia, let’s look at a detailed plot summary of the magical story.

Jessica Johnson, JJ, is a substitute teacher at a high school in Minnesota when she encounters Henrick at a cafe.

Further, she overhears a conversation between him and his assistant, Jessica.

My Norwegian Holiday
Henrik offers JJ a ticket to Norway. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Henrik mistakenly takes the order from JJ, which ignites a conversation between them.

Later, he follows her to her school and discovers a troll figurine from Norway on the teacher’s desk.

JJ reveals that the figurine belonged to her grandmother and was a priced possession.

After listening to her, Henrik offers JJ a ticket to Bergen, Norway, to spend Christmas and find the link to her family.

Despite initially refusing, JJ accepts her offer as her PhD research aligns with the trip.

Additionally, JJ stays with Henrik’s grandmother and develops a close relationship with her.

As the story progresses, My Norwegian Holiday explores the country’s history, which is notable for its Wikipedia.

However, JJ wants to learn more about Henrik and the story of his past.

My Norwegian Holiday summary
JJ falls in love with the ex-sportsman. (Source: Instagram)

Further, he reveals that he encountered a life-threatening injury while skiing in the World Cup.

After such discovery, JJ continues to find the troll’s maker with Henrik’s grandmother’s help.

Moreover, she discovers that Henrik’s coach, Pedro Andres, is her grandfather as they share their story.

The story then shifts to JJ celebrating Christmas and Henrik’s sister’s wedding as a family member.

In summary, JJ decides to stay in Norway when Pedro offers Henrik the position of coach.

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The Norwegian Adventure: Cast Of Hallmark And Review

The Wikipedia for My Norwegian Holiday also explores the cast details of the movie.

Directed by David Mackey, the movie was shot in a cinematic location in the magical city of Bergen.

Further, Rhiannon Fish as JJ and David Elsendoorn as Henrik were the perfect lead in the story.

My Norwegian Holiday lead cast
The movie showcases the rich Norwegian culture. (Source: Instagram)

Along with that, the major cast of My Norwegian Holiday are: 

  • Peter Vollebregt- Johan Strom
  • Conor Mullen- Andres
  • Deidre Monaghan- Astrid
  • Karen Connell- Nora Storm
  • Ian Lloyd Anderson- Marc
  • Francesca Europa- Mia
  • Magnús Blöndal Jóhannsson- Frederik
  • Des Murphy- Emil
  • Paul Tylal- Bill Chisholm

Meanwhile, viewers have noticed that the storyline matches another recent Hallmark release, Christmas in Notting Hill.

Further, the cast felt natural and charming as they performed their best on the screen.

However, despite being a Hallmark movie, Henrik gave the impression of a serial killer or criminal for the first half.

Meanwhile, the movie does an excellent job of showcasing the diverse culture surrounding Christmas.

The glimpses of Bergen are beautiful and full of personality, giving the city a character all its own.

Similarly, the movie has inspired many to plan their adventure in parts of Norway.

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