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Is Filmmaker Dr. Myriam Francois Husband Secunder Kermani?

After slamming the Western countries for ignoring the crisis in Gaza, Dr. Myriam Francois has been making headlines. As many look into her background, they wonder if Secunder Kermani is the husband of Myriam Francois. Find out the details here!

Born in December 1982, Myriam Francois, formally known as Myriam Francois-Cerrah, is a British journalist, filmmaker, and writer. 

Several of her works have appeared on the BBC, Channel 4, and Al Jazeera where she covered critical issues.

Further, Francois is the founder and CEO of the production company MPWR Productions, which specializes in documentary films.

Previously, she has worked on several films including Sense and Sensibility, Paws, and New Year’s Day.

In recent days, she has been making headlines for her argument in defense of Houthis, who have been attacked by the UK and US military.

As Myriam Francois gains attention, people are keen to know whether Secunder Kermani is her husband.

Is Filmmaker Dr. Myriam Francois Husband Secunder Kermani?

Due to the mystery surrounding her background, many are keen on learning about the relationship of the filmmaker.

Recently, rumors have sparked that Secunder Kermani is the husband of Myrian Francois as they seem to work together.

Further, Kermani partnered up with the journalist to cover the Bluesteel in the Turkish Parliament.

Myriam Francois with her friend
Francois maintains a friendly connection with fellow journalists. (Source: Twitter)

However, Secunder Kermani is not the husband of Myriam Francois as the duo share a professional bond.

As a popular figure in journalism, the curiosity regarding the husband of Myriam Francois is natural.

Nonetheless, people started the rumors about the romantic link between her and Kermani based on their limited interaction.

After a look into their professional history, it seems that the pair met during their time on the BBC.

Soon they took different paths covering the voices of minorities from around the world.

In fact, Kermani has been married to Tabasum Mughal, a cardiologist, since 2017, and have a daughter together.

Secunder Kermani hugging his wife
Kermani has been together with his partner for more than 5 years. (Source: Facebook)

Moreover, he rarely shares pictures with his wife which could be one of the reasons for the confusion.

On the other hand, there is no information related to Francois’s past connections, making it difficult to ascertain her current status.

Additionally, several tabloids report that the filmmaker’s husband is Turkish, but there is no evidence to back up the claim.

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Dr. Myriam Francois’s Early Life: Journalist Who Chanted Ceasefire On Live TV

The search for her husband surged after Myriam Francois sided with Gaza’s population on live TV.

Looking back at her life, Francois has had an excellent career marked with several milestones.

Moreover, she was born into a family of mixed Irish and French descent and converted to Islam after graduating from college.

Myriam Francois touching her hair
Francois has been vocal about foreign affairs in news channels. (Source: Twitter)

However, Francois rejects the use of the words convert and revert and prefers to describe herself as “just Muslim.”

Soon, she presented stories including The Muslim Pound and The Truth About Muslim Marriage on BBC and Channel 4.

Apart from that, Francois was a correspondent for the Huffington Post, where she broke a headline story on Al-Qaeda.

Additionally, her career features appearances on Newsnight, Crosstalk, BBC Radio, Sky News, and New Statesman.

Due to her political standing, Francois has been an outspoken critic of Islamophobia.

Recently, the journalist was featured on The World with Yalda Hakim, where she supported the Houthis’s blockade in aid of Palestine.

Myriam Francois in Al Jazeera office
Francois made a major decision to convert to Islam. (Source: Twitter)

Likewise, Francois pointed out the blockage of food, water, and aid on the land due to Israel’s actions.

The filmmaker added,

I also think the West needs to start to understand that you cannot just go around playing cowboys in the world. There are consequences to your actions.

Shortly after, Francois started chanting “ceasefire now” and the host pushed the interview to another topic.

Now, netizens remain divided over the opinions presented by Francois and debate over the matter.

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