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Nakira Griner Husband Daniel Griner Sr.: Meet Daniel Jr. Father

After the conviction of Nakira Griner for killing her 23-month-old son, people globally have shown interest in her husband, Daniel Griner Sr., considering the absence of Nakira’s Instagram account.

Nakira M. Griner is a resident of Bridgeton, New Jersey, and a housewife who was found guilty of murder charges earlier this year.

The 28-year-old mother was accused of the murder of her toddler child, Daniel Griner Jr., in 2019.

Further, the Jury sentenced her to life imprisonment after being found guilty, and she is currently serving at the state prison for her crime.

With her being in prison, people have shifted their attention towards Daniel Griner Sr., the husband of Nakira Griner.

Meet The Husband Of Nakira Griner: Daniel Griner Sr. 

Despite the publicly available records of the child murderer Nakira Griner, the information about her husband is not widely available. 

Most sources only share information related to Nakira and not about the child’s father.

However, according to the prosecutor, Daniel Sr. is a hard-working father who works two jobs simultaneously.

According to his LinkedIn, he has worked as a registered nurse at Inspira Health Network since 2015.

Nakira taking a mirror selfie with her husband and son.
Daniel Griner Sr. was not present in the house during the incident. (Source: Facebook)

He completed his bachelor’s in BSN from Drexel University in 2015 and earned a registered nurse certificate from the same university.

Additionally, he holds six nursing licenses issued from different nursing boards nationwide.

Furthermore, talking about his relationship with Nakira, they were together for a long time and shared two kids, one of whom was the late Daniel Jr.

Nakira Griner also shared glimpses of their relationship on her Instagram account, which is no longer available.

Meanwhile, the other son’s name is not publicly available, but he reportedly lives with Daniel Sr. after the incident.

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What Happened To Nakira Griner’s Son Daniel Jr.? The Truth

On Feb 8, 2019, Daniel Jr’s mother called 911 at around 6:30 p.m., reporting an attack on her while walking to the store.

She also claimed the attackers took her 23-month-old son strapped to her chest.

Following the report, the authorities quickly began the search to look after the kid until Nakira’s story changed.

Nakira Griner sitting in a couch wearing a pink dress.
At first, Nakira tried to convince the police that Daniel Jr. fell from the stairs.

After hearing her new story, the authorities suspected Nakira and searched her property. 

Eventually, they discovered the toddler’s remains under a shed in the backyard.  

Meanwhile, the autopsy report ruled Daniel Jr.’s death a homicide after finding his death caused by blunt force trauma and multiple bone fractures.

Furthermore, according to some news sources, Nakira took her son down, dismembered him, and placed the pieces of his body into the oven.

She continued to cook her child until he was unrecognizable, then stuffed his remains into one of her purses.

Moreover, she buried the remaining evidence of her crime in the backyard.

When all this happened, the husband of Nakira Griner was at work and was unaware of the situation.

Nakira Griner captured wearing a hair band and blue t-shirt.
Nakira tried her best to hide the evidence from the authorities.

After discovering the evidence, the local police immediately took Nakira into custody. 

Later, she admitted her crime and said she bet her son to death just because he wouldn’t eat.

However, her crime has left everyone in awe, affecting the entire community.

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Details On The Trial And Charges Nakira Faced

After remaining almost three years in jail, on Jan 4, 2023, the Jury convicted Nakira of her crime.

The Jury decided to sentence her to life in prison within two hours of the hearing.

During the hearing, Nakira’s defense lawyer, Jill Collen, tried to convince the Jury that police could not prove that she murdered him.

Nakira's child Daniel clicked wearing a black dress.
Nakira left Daniel Jr. in his highchair after beating him to death.

He also added that, at most, they should only be able to charge Nakira with manslaughter. 

However, she didn’t share who might have killed the child but did say she plans to appeal the verdict.

Nevertheless, Daniel Jr. was a joyful kid and will be missed by his family and loved ones. 

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