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Is Natalie Mariduena Oldest Of Her Sister Isa & Lauren? Family

Rising to success at such a young makes it evident that fans want to know about Natalie Mariduena and her family, with the highest interest being in her sister.

Natalie Mariduena, whose full name is Natalie Noel Mariduena, was born on December 1, 1996, in Vernon Hills, Illinois.

She is an American influencer and assistant to one of the famous YouTubers, David Dobrik.

Natalie became famous on the internet through David’s videos.

She came to the public’s attention after David Dobrik offered her to go to LA and start her work as his executive assistant.

Additionally, she joined the group “The Vlog Squad” and fortunately became one of the beloved members of the group in no time.

Furthermore, her followers know her due to her reliability and loyalty to her work.

Also, the influencer currently has a lot of followers on Instagram. She constantly posts about lifestyle, food, travel, and personal photos.

So, her followers want to know more about Natalie Mariduena, including her sister and her personal life details.

Meet Isa And Lauren: The Sister Of Natalie Mariduena

Per some online portals, Natalie is a family girl who is sensitive about her family.

However, being a social media influencer, Natalie’s private life has always been in the limelight.

So much information about her personal life is on the internet.

Natalie Mariduena is the eldest of her siblings, with the two younger sister being Isa and Lauren.

It seems the sister of Natalie Mariduena still resides at her home in Illinois.

Natalie is standing with her sisters in matching kind of outfits.
Natalie Mariduena shares a close bond with her sisters, Isa and Lauren. (Source: Instagram)

Natalie Mariduena always maintains a good relationship with her sister, even if they are far from the family. She adores her sisters like a baby, as Natalie calls them her “baby sisters.”

Natalie also shares Instagram posts of love and affection toward her little sisters.

Furthermore, Natalie’s sisters, Isa and Lauren, have posted pictures of all siblings on their Instagram. This shows that they share a strong bond.

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Who Are The Parents Of Natalie Mariduena? Family Details

Natalie Mariduena was born to her parents, Homero Mariduena and Jenn Mariduena.

Her father is Hispanic, and her mother is white, making Natalie 50% Hispanic.

Although there is little information available about the family of Natalie Mariduena, it is known that her father, Homero Mariduena, is a pharmaceutical executive.

On the other hand, her mother, Jenn Mariduena, is a homemaker with whom Natalie is very close.

A selfie of Natalie with her mother. They both look very happy together.
Famous social media influencer Natalie Mariduena with her mother. (Source: Instagram )

Despite being born and brought up in a small town in Illinois, Natalie Marideuna’s parents always supported her.

They encouraged her to follow her passion at a very early age. Natalie also acknowledged her family’s efforts and talked about it in her interview at times.

Furthermore, she happened to have maintained strong ties with her family.

Additionally, Natalie avoids disclosing too much about her personal life details on social media, though she is a social media influencer by profession.

A picture of Natalie and her sister with a very wide smile in their face.
The sister of Natalie Mariduena is from her father’s side. (Source: Instagram )

So, her followers should respect her decision to keep her family details low-profile and not make any fake speculations.

It’s up to her what information she publicly reveals and what she chooses to keep private.

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