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Is Neel Acharya Cause Of Death Hypothermia? Missing Purdue Student

The nation was worried after the news of Neel Acharya’s missing case came forward. However, Neel Acharya has now been found dead, and people are speculating hypothermia as the cause of his death.

Neel Acharya was an Indian student attending the prestigious Purdue University in the USA.

His close ones describe him as a very hard-working and very high-achieving individual.

He was pursuing computer science at the university after a double major. Neel Acharya also majored in data science from the John Martinson Honors College.

One of his roommates describes him as a very loving, charismatic soul.

Sadly, his life was cut short; he is now dead after going missing for some time.

Now, the people who care about Neel Acharya are desperately waiting to know the cause of his death.

Missing Purdue Student Neel Acharya Found Dead on Campus: Cause Of Death

On the 29th of January 2024, the Tippecanoe County Coroner Police Department got an alert.

Someone had found a dead body at the 500 Allison Road in West Lafayette.

The body was of a young man; after a while of investigation, the police discovered that it was of the missing campus student Neel Acharya.

Before they found his dead body, Neel Acharya’s mother, Goury Acharya, had made a post on her social media.

Neel Acharya missing
Everyone and the authorities made a lot of effort to find where Neel was. (Source: Twitter)

With the picture of her son Neel Acharya, she wrote a caption,

Our son Neel Acharya has been missing since yesterday Jan 28.

She mentioned that he was studying at Purdue University.

After her post went viral, the Indian consulate in Chicago made a response. It is because Neel Acharya was of Indian heritage by birth.

The administration let Neel Acharya’s mother, Goury Acharya, know they are doing everything to find out where he is.

Unfortunately, the Indian consulate and Neel Acharya’s mother, Goury, were to receive bad news.

Neel Acharya cause of death
Let’s hope the cause of death will come out soon and the family of Neel Acahrya will get some closure. (Source: Twitter)

An independent multimedia agency with the name ‘Purdue Exponent’ made a confirmation about Neel Acharya’s death.

They first sent an e-mail to the Purdue University computer science department.

The university’s department was in shock after receiving the news of Neel’s death.

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Community In Shock: Speculations Surrounding Neel Acharya’s Death! Investigation Underway

The news of Neel Acharya’s death has also completely shocked everyone in the community and the university.

There are some assumptions that Neel Acharya cause of the death may be hypothermia.

However, the investigation is ongoing, and it is yet to be found what was the actual reason behind his death.

Neel Acharya in red kurtha
Even though Neel had a very short life, he left a significant legacy for his family. (Source: Twitter)

The Police Department does not want people to come to conclusions before the end of the investigation.

This is why everyone should wait until there is a proper disclosure by the authorities.

Meanwhile, Purdue University’s computer science interim head, Chris Clifton, has sent his condolences to Neel Acharya’s family.

Let’s hope the investigation department will soon find out the cause of the death of Neel Acharya.

Maybe this will give Neel Acharya’s family the closer that they need to move on from this tragic event.

Meanwhile, everyone close to him is mourning their loss and trying to seek light at the end of the tunnel.

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